Human Sexuality Midterm

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  1. Define Abstinence Only Education
    the decision to avoid teaching adolescent students about sexual activity, STI's, contraception etc. education is unnecessary if students are taught to abstain for sexual activity.
  2. How many college students in China received sex education?
  3. What percentage of China use condoms frequently or often
  4. Target Population
    entire group of people to which a researcher is attempting to apply a study sample's findings
  5. Sample
    a subset of the target population selected by researchers to represent entire pop
  6. Random Sampling
    a method of selecting a sample of participants in such a way that each member of pop has equal chance of being selected
  7. Correlation research
    a scientific research method that determines the extent to which two variables are systematically related to one another
  8. 3 types of correlation
    positive: change in same direction negative: change in opposite direction no correlation: no relationship
  9. 3 patterns of effective communication
    validating, volatile, conflict avoiding
  10. Gottmans 4 warning signs
    criticism, contempt, defensiveness, stonewalling
  11. gender identity
    the sex male or female that a person identifies himself or herself to be
  12. gender roles
    a set of behaviors, attitudes and emotions that are generally socially expected for men and women in a given culture
  13. Gender
    the masculinity- femininity dimension of our basic nature as humans
  14. Klinefelter Syndrome
    male genetic condition characterized by rounded body type, lack of facial hair, breast enlargement, small testicles
  15. Turner Syndrome
    female genetic condition characterized by short stature, slow of no sexual development at puberty, heart abnormalities and lack of ovarian function
  16. Transgender
    individuals whose gender identity varies from their biological sex
  17. Gender Identity Disorder
    a strong cross gender identification characterized by the desire to be the other sex, constant discomfort about ones biological sex culturally prescribed gender role
  18. Gender Dysphoria
    refers to stress or discomfort stemming from the self knowledge that ones biological sex does not conform to or is the opposite of his or her personal gender identity
  19. Transsexual
    transformed or is transforming from his or her biological sex to hi or her self identified gender through actions, dress, hormone therapy or surgery.
  20. Social alienation
    a passive form of aggression that includes behaviors such as malicious gossip, rumors and shunning
  21. Androgyny
    both male and female features, the way they dress, look etc.
  22. Goals of Sex research
    understand, predict and control sexual behavior
  23. What do participants look like
    not everyone is represented, most participants are male, younger and liberal sexual attitudes and sexually experienced. College students are a bias sample
  24. Freud
    Virginity belts, maybe sex is more than just getting pregnant and making babies, pleasure?
  25. Kinsey
    first person to do surveys and ask people about their sex lives, Kinsey scale
  26. Masters and Johnson
    first people to record sexual behavior. Hook up to measure B.P. heart rate and surface of skin temperature.
  27. NHSLS
    3500 people 2-3 hour surveys no one over 59 or under 18 was surveyed
  28. What are the types of research conducted?
    Clinical, Experimental, Observational, Survey
  29. Two types of significance
    Statistical- wow factor. Practical- math to back up no wow factor.
  30. Internal Sorting
    Cognitive processing
  31. When does cognitive processing occur
    doesn't start till puberty
  32. Sexual scripts
    externally determined roles related to sexuality that affect our decision making process
  33. Who, what, when, where, why
    young attractive physically fit, penile- vaginal, right away in relationship, in bed, because it feels good
  34. Sex
    biological femaleness or maleness
  35. Gender
    the social form that femaleness or maleness takes- think feminine or masculine
  36. Cisgender
    birth assigned sex matches gender identity
  37. Theories of Gender Identity Formation
    • Psychoanalytic: observing behavior of same sex,
    • Social Leaning: rewards and punishments. Cognitive Development: can explain gender identity, girls long hair boys short hair. Biological Theory: DNA
    • Eclectic View: suggests all of these theories. biology lays groundwork and rest is based on the theories
  38. Intersex
    8 weeks after conception male and female are the same after turns into clitoris or penis presence or lack of androgens
  39. Intersex
    can't tell what gender
  40. intersex is how many births
  41. Why is sexual communication difficult
    slang terms, no role models for this communication, effect of victorian era
  42. intimate self disclosure
    communicating something about yourself that is very personal
  43. Know men and women scripts
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