Lube test

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  1. -when would straight mineral oil be used on reciprocating aircraft engines?
    During engine break in process
  2. -what are you doing during the engine break in process?
    Seating the rings to the cylinder walls
  3. -what type of oil is usually recommended by engine manufacturers for use after break in?
    Ashless dispersant
  4. -what does ash less dispersant oil do?
    Suspends particals (Will collect sludge carbon and varnish until filtered)
  5. -where is the filter bypass valve located in an oil system of an opposed aircraft system?
    Between the pressure pump and the internal oil system
  6. -what determines the size of the particles passing through a cuno filter?
    Spacing of the discs
  7. -in addition to a gear driven pump what other component is commonly found in aircraft reciprocating engines to lubricate engine parts?
    Spray nozzles
  8. -which statement is true regarding engine oil lines?
    Oil lines ID must not be less than the ID of the inlet and outlet of the pump
  9. -which statement is true of oil dilution?
    The dilution process will burn off while the engine is running
  10. -what must be the expansion space in an oil tank according to FARs?
    10% or ½ gallon whichever is greater
  11. -which statement is true of a dry sump engine?
    Do not have the oil sump attached to the bottom of the engine
  12. -what type of inspection must be done after removal of a full flow oil filter?
    Cut it open and inspect the element for metal and debris
  13. -how are rocker arms lubricated in a reciprocating engine?
    Through drilled passageways in the push rods
  14. -how is a prevision made for a reserve oil supply for prop feathering  on large aircraft?
    Stand Pipe
  15. -operating clearances between engine parts will increase over time as a consequence of normal use what must occur to maintain steady oil pressure when parts wear?
    The oil quantity must be increased as resistance to flow decreases
  16. -what effect on oil flow will a completely clogged oil filter have on the system?
    Normal oil flow
  17. -what will occur if an engine is operated with a very low oil supply?
    Oil temperature will increase due to lower heat dissipation caused by the reduced oil supply
  18. -how do worn connecting rod bearings contribute towards increased oil consumption?
    More oil is splashed on the cylinder walls and burned in the combustion chamber
  19. -what would happen if the scavenge pump failed?
    Engine would get flooded with oil
  20. -what would be a likely cause of oil found inside the rocker box cover of a reciprocating aircraft engine?
    This is normal
  21. -why is high viscosity oil used in aircraft reciprocating engines?
    Because of the large clearances and high operating temperatures
  22. -why is the scavenge pump capacity usually larger than pressure pump capacity?
    To prevent over flooding of the crank case
  23. -during oil dilution where is the fuel discharged into the oil system?
    The inlet of the pump
  24. -what type of operational test should be performed on an oil pump after overhaul?
    Put it on a test stand and evaluate the pump output
  25. -what would be a possible cause of metal particles found in the oil filter screen during inspection?
    Possible internal failure that should be further evaluated
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