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  1. Rewards of Teaching
    Intrinsic: These are any emotional or intellectual rewards you receive as a teacher.

    Extrinsic: Outward rewards one might receive from teaching like vacation of security.
  2. Classroom Struggles
    Multidimensional: Different roles as a teacher (student,friend,coworker,colleague,parent)

    Simultaneous: Classroom events that occur.(students needing help, bathroom pass, homework collection)

    Immediate: The amount of decisions you must make as a teacher.

    Public: You are in a fishbowl as a teacher! 

    Unpredictable: Your students will not always respond the way you may have planned, and things may not go as you think.
  3. Teacher Roles
    • *Create a productive environment for learning
    • *Collaborate with colleagues
    • *Working with parents and caregivers.
  4. Federal Education Act
    No Child Left Behind (schools receive repercussions for lack of high test scores on tests)
  5. When and why did "Reform" occur?
    Started in 1983, with the Nation at Risk:The Imperative for Educational Reform
  6. What is SACS?
    Southern Association of Colleges and Schools this is how colleges and university receive accreditation.
  7. What is CAEP?
    Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation. They help raise the bar in educator prep!
  8. Florida State Standards
    Helping students to be accurately prepared for college and build up to a successful career.
  9. Florida State Assessment
    The test that tests students level of comprehension. (FCAT)
  10. Teacher Professionalism
    • Autonomy
    • Decision making and Reflection
    • Ethical standards for conduct
    • A specialized body of knowledge
  11. Everything in Education is driven by...
    laws, policies, and procedures.
  12. List Florida power policy
    Florida State Standards---Florida State Assessment---No Child Left Behind---Local School District---School Board
  13. Socioeconomic Status
    The combination of their parents income level of education, and jobs they have-will also differ and these differences will strongly affect learning.
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