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  1. 6 Fungal characteristics
    • 1) Eukaryotic
    • 2) non-motile
    • 3)chemoheterotrophic
    • 4) Spore bearing
    • 5) cells of chitin
    • 6) can be unicellular yeast or multicellular mold.
  2. 4 fungal classification groups
    • ABZD's
    • Ascomycota, Basidiomycota, Zygomycota, Deuteromycota.
  3. Yeast is unicellular, or multicellular, or both?
    unicellular fungal cell
  4. mold
    multicellular mass of fungal cells: fruiting body specialized reproductive multicellular structure (e.g. mushroom).
  5. hypha
    thread-like strand of cells
  6. Mycelium
    mass of hyphae
  7. septum
    wall between chambers
  8. coenocytic
    multinucleate protoplasm: several nuclei in a single membrane
  9. 4 ways of reproduction of fungus
    • 1) binary fission- unicellular, mitosis
    • 2) fragmentation-multicellular
    • 3) budding-mitosis
    • 4) spore formation-mitosis, meosis
  10. type of sexual reproduction of fungus
    spore formation-meosis, metosis
  11. Binary fission
    is the asexual reproduction of unicellular fungus using mitosis.Duplicates everything inside cell, and undergoes cytokinesis to split cell =2 identical cells
  12. Fragmentation
    is asexual reproduction of multicellular fungus by breaking off a part of a hapha.
  13. Budding
    is asexual reproduction using mitosis. Difference is cytokinesis occurs before mitosis =2 identical cells.
  14. spore formation
    is sexual and asexual reproduction using mitosis and meosis. mitosis and cytokinesis occurs twice producing 4 identical cells. Meosis produces 4 different cells.
  15. Mutualistic
    benefits both
  16. what is Mycorrhizae's mutualistic relationship with plant
    • 1) supplies plant with nutrients from soil and helps absorb water.
    • 2) Plant supplies products of photosynthesis.
  17. Ascomycota are ___ fungi
    Sac fungi that are sexually reproduced ascospores, with usually 8 spores in a sac.
  18. What's an aspocarp
    Fruiting body of fungus you see coming out of the ground.
  19. What's an ascus
    Tiny sac that holds the spores
  20. What are ascospores?
    are the actual spores from within the ascus.
  21. what are Basidiomycota
    They're a club fungi or mushroom that sexually produces basidiospores (Basidium are tiny club shaped spores on the bottom of mushrooms gills).
  22. Bosidiucap:
    • -Bosidiucap:fruiting body
    • -Bosidium:club from gills that forms bosidiospores.
    • -Bosidiospores: are the spores themselves.
  23. what are lichen?
    • Community of fungus and photosynthetic microbes.
    • -provides protection and forms structure.
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