Chapter 4 ob

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  1. ante
  2. antepartum
    time before delivery
  3. gravida
    any pregnancy regardless of duration, including present one
  4. prenatal
    time before birth
  5. nulligravida
    never been pregnant
  6. para
    number of births after 20 weeks gestation dead or alive
  7. preterm
    pregnancy after 20 weeks but before 37 weeks gestation
  8. postterm
    pregnancy over 40 weeks gestation
  9. primigravida
    woman pregnant for the first time
  10. multigravida
    woman pregnant with second or or subsequent child
  11. nullipara
    woman who has not given birth at more than 20 weeks gestation
  12. primipara
    woman who has given birth to a fetus at least 20 weeks gestation
  13. multipara
    woman who has given birth 2 or more times to fetuses that had reached at least 20 weeks gestation
  14. still birth
    fetus born dead after 20 weeks gestation
  15. EDD
    estimated date of delivery
  16. GTPALM
    • G-gravida
    • T-term pregnancies
    • P-preterm births
    • A-abortions
    • L-number of living children
    • M-multiple gestations and births
  17. GTPALM is used to organize __
    pregnancy history
  18. chadwicks sign
    bluish purple discoloration of vaginal membrane caused by increased vascularity or pelvic congestion
  19. ballottment
    rebounding of fetus in amniotic fluid felt by examiner during pelvic exam
  20. Braxton hicks
    -probable or postitve sign of preegnancy
    • painless irregular uterine contractions
    • probable sign
  21. 12 weeks gestation uterus height is felt above
    symphysis pubis
  22. 20 weeks uterus fundus felt near
  23. 36 weeks fundal height is at its highest at the
    xiphoid process
  24. colostrum can excrete as early as
    10th week
  25. normal blood values in non and pregnant women
    Image Upload
  26. the vena cava can be compressed to some degree if the pregnant woman lies on her back, which can decrease cardiac output. this is called __
    supine hypotensive syndrome or aortocaval compression
  27. periodic hyperglycemia results in
    gestational diabetes
  28. carbohydrate metabolism is altered, with increased resistance to insulin allowing the fetus to have a source of high energy in the form of glycogen
  29. agitation and delirium are signs of
    water intoxiccation
  30. taken this drug during the third trimester of pregnancy can cause early closure of the ductus arteriosus, resulting in feral distress
  31. when should drugs or medications needed for the mom be taken for a breastfeeding mother
    immediately after
  32. ch 4 pg 55 box 4-3 FDA pregnancy risk category
    go look at it
  33. an increase in clotting factors and fibrogen in the blood during pregnancy makes the woman vulnerable to
    thrombus formation
  34. which FDA risk category has least risk if taken during pregnancy
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. X
    1. A
  35. Developmntal task in order
    • pregnancy validation
    • fetal embodiment
    • fetal distinction
    • role transition
  36. the risk for pyelonephritis in pregnancy is increased by:
    asymptomatic bacteruria
  37. pregnant women are advised to lie on their sides or tilted slightly to one side ( left-lateral positioning) to prevent___.
    supine hypotensive syndrome
  38. review developmental task on pg 56
  39. The following S/S indicative of what disorder:
    dizziness, faintness, damp cool skin, pallor, tachycardia and nausea
    supine hypotension
  40. ATI BOOK. pg 22
    Venereal disease research laboratory is a test mandated by law. done around 8 weeks of gestation. what does it screen for?
  41. urinary frequency, heart burn and fatigue occur during what 2 trimesters of pregnancy.  
    firs and third
  42. danger signs of pregnancy
    dysuria, headaches, vaginal bleeding, gush of fluid from the vagina prior to 37 weeks gestation, persistent contractions and abd cramping to 37 weeks gestation , persistent hyperemesis, abd pain, blurred vision edema of face and hands, elevated temp, s/s of hypoglycemia
  43. in the first trimester (first 3 months), the pregnancy d confirmed and woman's focus is centered on nurturing and protecting the fetus. at this time she may question her identity as a woman and a mother. this describes which developmental task
    pregnancy validation
  44. fetal embodiment. describe it.
    during second trimester ( second three months) woman attempts to incorporate fetus into her body image, she readjust her roles and reviews relationships with others.
  45. fetal distinction
    woman feels quickening, envisions having baby in arms whether its a boy or girl
  46. role transition
    during last trimester last 3 months. mom makes concrete plans for baby like buying a crib etc
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