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  1. The Italian dictator who founded Italy’s Fascist Party in the 1920s and used the anger over the Treaty of Versailles to gain power was
  2. The leader of the 1917 Russian “Bolshevik” Revolution who set up Communists governments throughout the Russian empire after taking over was
  3. The Soviet dictator who had 8 to 10 million people put to death for opposing Communist policies and would led the Soviet Union through World War II and into the Cold War was
  4. The dictator of Nazi Germany who would lead Europe into war and would also be primarily responsible for the Holocaust
  5. Why did Japan want control of Manchuria
    gain control of more natural resources
  6. After the Prime Minister of Japan was assassinated, what group took control of Japanese government?
    imperialist; militarist
  7. What THREE countries made up the Axis Powers?
    Germany, Italy, Japan
  8. Following World War I, many Americans supported ____ and wanted to stay out of foreign affairs.
  9. What was the Neutrality Act of 1935?
    imposed a general embargo on trading in war materials w/ all parties in war
  10. What was the policy “cash-and-carry” established by the Neutrality Act of 1937?
    A prez could permit the sale of materials in belligerent in Europe as long as they paid w/ cash and took materials immediately
  11. Prior to 1939, why didn’t European leader stand up to Adolf Hitler?
    bc w/o U.S. backing they were powerless; didn’t want another war
  12. Give FOUR of Hitler’s territorial demands before invading Poland to start WW2
    Take Rhineland(1937), Annex Austria, Sudetenland, and Czechoslovakia
  13. In March of 1938, Hitler añexed ___ without a shot being fired, completing the Anschluss, of unification of the two German speaking countries
  14. Hitler wanted region of Czechoslovakia known as the______, a region belonged to Germany before WWI and most of the population spoke German
  15. What was the result of the Munich Conference
    Hitler demands, & gets Sudetenland
  16. The policy of giving in to someone’s demands in order to keep peace is called
  17. Hitler wanted a part of Poland that was taken from Germany at the Treaty of Versailles that became known as the ____ because it split German East Prussia from the rest of Germany.
    Polish Corridor
  18. In 1939, Hitler shocked the world when he signed a peace treaty with ____- the arch-enemy of the Nazis
  19. WW2 began when germany used to take over EUrope was called ____
  20. What 2 countries declared war on Germany two days after Germany’s i nvasion of Poland?
  21. The air battle between Germany and Britain which took place from late 1940 until early 1941 when the British RAF defeated Hitler’s vaunted air force- known as the Luftwaffe - was
    The Battle of Britain
  22. The British war hero and British Prime Minister during WW2 whose leadership led the British through the tough times of the war was
    Winston Churchill
  23. What did losing the air battle over Great Britain prevent Hitler from doing?
  24. What did the revised Neutrality Act provide for in 1939?
    military bases in exchange for warships
  25. What was the destroyers-for-bases idea FDR offered Churchill?
    • Neutrality Act ‘39
    • What was the America First Committee?
    • group that believed in isolationism & opposed any American intervention or aid to the Allies
  26. Why did President Roosevelt decide to run for a third term as president?
    to protect the country
  27. The law that allowed the U.S. to send weapons to Great Britain if Britain promised to return or pay rent for them after the war was the
  28. In June of 1941, Hitler violated the Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact and started a massive invasion of
  29. Why did Japan want control of Manchuria and Indochina?
    Needed raw materials
  30. What was the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere?
    “Asia for Asians” Asia free of European influence
  31. What did the US do when Japan refused to pull out of East Asia?
    placed a trade embargo on Japan July 1941, cutting off their oil supply
  32. What led Congress to declare war on Japan?
    Pearl Harbor
  33. On what date did Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?
  34. What did FRD call the date Americans was attacked?
    “a date in which will live in infamy”
  35. The Commander of the Allied forces in Europe during WW2 who was also the person who oversaw the Allied Invasion of Europe in 1944(Operation Overlord/D Day) was
  36. The U.S. President who took over following the death of FDR in 1945 who made the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan in August of 1945 was ____
  37. The Outspoken American general who played a large part in the US victories in Italy and North Africa during WW2 who was nicknames “old blood and guts” was Patton
  38. The American general during WW2 who played a key part as a commander of the American forces in North Africa, Italy, and France
  39. The American general who played a prominent role in the Pacific Theater during the WW2 who vowed “I shall return” after the Japanese captured the Philippines
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