test 3 key points

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  1. 4 stimuli for breathing
    sensory- cold touch movement light and sound stimulated by tactile drying, wrapping the neonate in warm blankets and skin to skin

    chemical stimulus- clamping the umbilical cord

    thermal- excessive cooling, o2 consumption increases can produce acidosis

    mechanical- chest compression and recoil
  2. this drug should be avoided during breastfeeding
  3. these drugs, ___, ____,__ and ___ are approved for use during lactation
    fentanyl, methadone, codeine and morphine
  4. ___ and __- are drugs contradicted for breast feeding mothers
    doxepin and benzodiapines
  5. early, frequent and regular nursing reduces__
    breast engorgement
  6. colostrum is high in (4 things), is it hard or easy to digest?
    protein, fat, minerals and antibodies, easy to digest, and has laxative effect
  7. this milk secretes between colostrum and mature milk. 5 days- 2 weeks, lactose calories and fat increase
    transitional milk
  8. milk produced at the end of the feeding high in fat
  9. milk produced at the beginning of the feeding
  10. pathologic jaundice
    evident before birth
  11. physiologic jandice
    evident afterbirth the third day of life usually caused by physiologic icterus
  12. prevention of erythroblastosis
  13. Bronchopulmonay dysplasia
    pulmonary condition affecting preterm newborns who have had respirator failure and have been o2 dependent
  14. congenital anomalies
    • cleft palate
    • spinal bifida
    • esophageal atresia
    • hydrocephalus
    • developmental dysplasia of the hip
    • clubfoot
    • cardiac heart defect
    • patent ductus arteriousus
    • tetralogy of fallot
  15. clinical S/S of kenicterus
    • temp instablity
    • poor feeding
    • decreased muscle tone
    • poor moro's reflex
    • lethargy
    • high pitched cry
    • seizures
    • upward gaze
    • opisthotonosis
    • dark urine
    • light stools
  16. Galactocemia S/S if left untreated
    cataracts jaundice and cirrhosis sepsis and mental retardation
  17. treatment of galactosemia
    eliminating galactose from diet and special formula  nutramigen discontinue breastfeeding.
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