CS 699 - Data Mining

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  1. What is a Nominal Attribute?
    • Names, things. labels or names
    • There is no ordering
    • Math is meaningless on these
    • However, can determine mode
    • Sometimes called categorical
  2. What is a binary attribute?
    • Only has two values (i.e. male/female, 0/1)
    • Symmetric - both values have equal weight.
    • Assymetric - - one value is more important
  3. What is an Ordinal Attribute?
    • Is a meaningful ranking among variables
    • i.e. clerk, manager, CEO etc...
    • Although there is ordering, distance between ranks is not defined.
  4. What is the difference between an Interval scaled and Ratio scaled.
    • Interval scaled - do not have a zero
    • Ratio scaled - has a true zero
  5. What is a discrete variable?
    • has a finite or countable amount of possiblilites
    • ordinal variables are considered discrete
  6. What is a continuous variable?
    Has an infinite number of variables
  7. What is the formula for variance?
    • How spread out the data is
    • Image Upload
    • n= number of values
    • xi = each number
  8. What is the formula for standard deviation?
    \sImage Upload
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