Science Cell Review

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  1. Golgi Bodies Structure
    Doubled layer membrane that surrounds entire cell.
  2. Golgi Bodies Function
    Provides Protection and support for the cell and allows materials to move in and out of the cell.
  3. Cytoplasm Structure
    Gel-like material between nucleus and cell membrane.
  4. Cytoplasm Function
    Holds organelles of the cell.
  5. Nucleus Structure
    Large oval inside cell, (The Brain).
  6. Nucleus Function
    Regulates and controls all cell activities.
  7. Cell Membrane Structure
    Double layered membrane that surrounds nucleus.
  8. Cell Membrane Function
    Allows materials to pass in and out of nucleus.
  9. Nucleous Structure
    Round object inside nucleus.
  10. Nucleous Function
    Where ribosomes are made.
  11. Vacueleoles Structure
    Round, fluid filled sac. Large in plant, small in animal.
  12. Vacuelous Function
    Stores food, water, and waste
  13. Mitochondin Structure
    Rod shaped structure inside cell (Powerhouse)
  14. Mitochondin Function
    Breaks down food and releases energy for the cell.
  15. Ribosomes Structure
    Round, Grainlike bodies. (Protein Factories)
  16. Ribosomes Function
    Site of protein production.
  17. Endoplastic Reticulum Structure
    Series of tubular passages.
  18. Endoplastic Reticulum Function
    Carries protein and other materials through out the cell.
  19. Chromosomes Structure
    Stacked, flatten membranes inside cell.
  20. Chromosomes Function
    Sorts and packages proteins and other materials.
  21. Lyososones Structure
    Small round structure that contains digestive chemicals.
  22. Lysosones Function
    Helps break down food particles, cell wastes, and worn out cell parts.
  23. Centrioles Structure
    Pair of cylindrical tubes, Only found in animal Cells!
  24. Centrioles Function
    Involved in cell division, Only found in animal cells!
  25. Chloroplasts Structure
    Green organelle that contains chlorophyll, Found only in Plant cells!
  26. Chloroplasts Function
    Uses light energy to make sugar, process of photosynthesis, Found only in plant cells!
  27. Cell wall Structure
    Tough ridgid outlining, amde of Cellulose, Only found in plant cells!
  28. Cell wall Function
    Protects and give shape to plant cells, only found in plant cells!
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