stat ch 1

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  1. study of methods to describe and measure aspects of nature sample is
  2. process of inferring an unknown quantity of a target population using sample data is knonw as?
  3. quantity describing a population is known as ?
  4. related quantity calculated from a sample is knonw as?
    statistic or estimate
  5. Population is?
    all individual units of interest
  6. Sample is?
    subset of units taken from the population
  7. difference between an estimate and population parameter being estimated caused by chance is?
    sampling error
  8. if values we obtained are tightly grouped and highly repeatable, they are  said to be ?
  9. In random sample..?
    each member of a population has an equal and independent chance of being selected.
  10. what minimizes bias and makes it possible  to measure the amount of sampling error?
    random sampling
  11. A sample of convenience is?
    a collection of individuals that are easily available to the researcher
  12. Variable is?
    characteristics that differ among individuals
  13. name types of variables?
    • Categorical
    • numerical
    • explanatory
    • response.
  14. Categorical variable describes?
    Qualitative characteristics of individuals that do not correspond to degree of difference on a numerical scale.
  15. Numerical data ( variable is) ?
    quantitative measurements that have magnitude on a numerical scale.
  16. frequency distribution is?
    describes the number of times each variable accrues in the sample.
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