cooling towers and pumps chapter 48

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  1. If a blower on a cooling tower breaks down on a hot day what will happen to the water temp, approach, efficiency.
    • Water supplied to the condenser will be warmer.
    • approach temp will increase.
    • efficiency of the tower will decrease.
  2. The cooling tower gets rid of the heat in the water by_____________.
  3. When sizing a cooling tower, the tower is sized to handle the cooling tower load of the conditioned area plus about_____________% for heat of compression.
  4. Heat that the cooling tower must reject from the water in the chiller is the cooling load of the conditioned area plus the heat_____________.
    Heat of compression.
  5. Drift from the tower can be reduced by _____.
    • eliminators
    • Image Upload
  6. The purpose of the cooling tower by-pass valve is to_________
    help maintain the correct water temperature to the condenser in mild weather, by sending (bypassing the coil) the 95* entering water to below the tower to mix in with water that is coming out below design of 85*.
  7. Water pump impellers are lubricated by.
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  8. Two methods used to aid the evaporation rate of water in a forced or induced draft tower are_______.
    • Splash and fill or wetted surfaces.
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  9. On a hybrid tower there are three modes, and they are called.
    • dry/wet
    • adriabatic
    • dry mode
  10. A blowdown system for a tower does what.
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    Relieves the concentration of sediment in the sump.
  11. Two types of shaft seals used for centrifugal pumps are________.
    • Stuffing box
    • Mechanical type
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    • Image Upload
  12. Natural draft towers and spray ponds are designed to produce a difference in water and air temperatures of ________*F.
    10* F
  13. Cooling towers can be made out of
    • Redwood
    • galvanized Steel
    • Fiberglass
  14. Make up water level is controlled by what.

                        3 Part Answer
    • Solenoid controlled valve
    • Float valve
    • electrodes
  15. Forced draft cooling towers are designed to reduce the entering water temperature to within_____*F of the air's wet-bulb temperature.
  16. Harmonic imbalance can  be cause by improperly aligned flexible coupling.

                             True or False

  17. Natural draft cooling towers do rely on prevailing winds.

                             True or False

  18. Strainers or located between the pump and the cool water outlet of the sump

                             True or False
  19. If vortexing occurs, it is an indication that the water level  in the sump is too low.

                          True or False
  20. If the centrifugal pump is located higher then the sump they do not need to be primed before they are started.

                               True or False
  21. Three types of cooling towers are
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    Image Upload
    Image Upload
    • Natural draft
    • Forced or Induced draft
    • Closed circuit hybrid
  22. What is the purpose of the cooling tower in a water cooled system
    the tower rejects heat absorbed into the chiller
  23. Spreading the water out as it passes through the cooling tower helps the water_______faster
  24. What two types of fans are used in the cooling tower.
    • Belt drive,under 25000 BTU
    • Gear driven, over 25000 BTU
  25. The two types of air flow through  a forced draft cooling system air
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    • Croosflow: Side to Top
    • Counterflow: Side to Side
  26. Two types of Bacterial Control
    • Encapsulation: 
    • Electroporation
  27. Two planes of alignment for a coupling are
    • Angular: both shaft are the same angle
    • Parallel : are aligned end to end
  28. Two methods used to evaporate the water in a forced air and induced tower are.
    • Splash
    • fill
    • Image UploadImage Upload
  29. how much water is used in a recirculated system
    3 GPM
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