Social Studies Chapter 8

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  1. The exchange of captured people for goods.
    slave trade
  2. A situation in which a person is forced to make a decision even though he or she does not like any of the choices.
  3. The voyage of a slave ship across the Atlantic Ocean from West Africa to the West Indies and the American continents
    Middle Passage
  4. The exchange of slaves for goods among Europe, the America's and West Africa using shipping routes across the Atlantic Ocean.
    triangular trade
  5. A public sale in which slaves were sold to the highest bidders.
    slave auction
  6. A person who was in charge of the work of slaves and could punish them for disobeying him.
  7. A Western African story teller who recites the history of a tribe or family
  8. A type of religious song that developed among enslaved Africans that expressed deep emotions.
  9. What goods were traded between Europe and West Africa?
    Guns, cloth, iron and beer
  10. What goods were traded between West Africa and the American Colonies?
    Rum, iron, gunpowder and cloth and tools
  11. Choose a dilemma that a slave would have and describe the choices he or she made:  life as a slave living in the Colonies
    they could be split up  from their families.  They could decide if they wanted to try run away knowing if they got caught they might get killed.
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