Care of the Hospitalized Child

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  1. Stressors of Hospitalization:
    • Separation Anxiety
    • Loss of Control
    • Fears of Bodily Injury/Pain
  2. Phases of Separation Anxiety:
    Protest (cry, scream, clingy)

    Despair (depression)

    Detachment (denial, affects parent/child relationship)
  3. Ways to minimize sense of "loss of control" for the infant in the hospital:
    Be consistent, loving caregivers...

    • If all basic needs are met, infants TRUST.
    • Loss of control occurs when those basic needs are taken away from them.

    Ask parents what kind of routines are in place at home to establish similar routines in the hospital
  4. Loss of Control (Autonomy) for the toddler may contribute to:
    • Regression of behavior
    • Negativity
    • Temper Tantrums
  5. Preschoolers (based on egocentric and magical thinking) may view illness and hospitalization as:
    Punishment for Misdeeds
  6. Preschoolers function off of ____ thought (ie: they think we are actually taking something away when we "take your blood pressure")
    Preoperational thought
  7. One of the major goals of a child 3-5 is:
    To be obedient and create initiative
  8. Individual Risk Factors that increase vulnerability to stressors of hospitalization:
    • Difficult temperament
    • Lack of fit between child/parent
    • Age (6 months - 5 years)
    • Male
    • Below-average intelligence
    • Multiple/Continuing stressors (frequent hospitalizations)
  9. Beneficial Effects of Hospitalization:
    • Recovery from Illness
    • Increase coping skills
    • Master stress and feel competent in coping
    • New socialization experiences
  10. Parental Responses to Stressors/Hospitalization:
    Disbelief/Anger/Guilt (usually with sudden illness)

    Fear/Anxiety (child's pain, seriousness of illness)

    Frustration (especially related to need for information)

  11. Sibling Reactions to hospitalization:
    • Loneliness/Fear/Worry
    • Anger/Resentment/Jealousy
    • Guilt
  12. Altered Family Roles
    • Anger and Jealousy between siblings/ill child
    • Ill child obligated to play sick role
    • Parents continue the pattern of overprotection and indulgent attention
  13. Ways to prevent/minimize separation anxiety:
    • *Primary Nursing Goal!!! (esp. < 5 yrs old)
    • Family Centered Care
    • Parents are not "visitors"!
    • Familiar items from home
    • Maintain child's routine if possible
    • Time structuring
    • Self-Care (age appropriate)
    • School Work
    • Friends/Visitors
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