Module 5 - u-Verbs

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  1. to wake someone up
  2. to treat someone to a meal
  3. to get depressed
    落ち込む (おちこむ)
  4. to have difficulty
    困る (こまる)
  5. to take something out; to hand in something
    出す (だす)
  6. to take someone to a place
    連れて行く (つれていく)
  7. to correct; to fix
    直す (なおす)
  8. to become lost; to lose one's way
    道に迷う (みちにまよう)
  9. to be found
    見つかる (みつかる)
  10. to go to pick up
    迎えに行く (むかえにいく)
  11. to translate
    訳す (やくす)
  12. to laugh
    笑う (わらう)
  13. (something) opens
    開く (あく)
  14. to open
    開く (ひらく)
  15. to carry
    運ぶ (はこぶ)
  16. to move
    動く (うごく)
  17. to choose; to select
    選ぶ (えらぶ)
  18. to boil water
    お湯をわかる (おゆをわかす)
  19. to comb one's hair
    髪をとかす (かみをとかす)
  20. to get crowded
    込む (こむ)
  21. to win a lottery
    宝くじに当たる (たからくじにあたる)
  22. to take off (clothes)
    脱ぐ (ぬぐ)
  23. to shave one's beard
  24. to learn
    習う (ならう)
  25. to tie a knot
    結ぶ (むすぶ)
  26. to express
    現す (あらわす)
  27. to copy
    写る (うつす)
  28. to walk
    歩く (あるく)
  29. (something) opens
    開く (あく)
  30. to apologize
    誤る (あやまる)
  31. to press; to push
    押す (おす)
  32. to drop (something)
    落とす (おとす)
  33. water boils
    お湯が沸く (おゆがわく)
  34. to fall down
    転ぶ (ころぶ)
  35. to break (something)
    壊す (こわす)
  36. to bloom
    咲く (さく)
  37. (something) closes
    閉まる (しまる)
  38. to be saved; to be helped
    助かる (たすかる)
  39. to ask (a favor)
    頼む (たのむ)
  40. (something) turns on
  41. to make dirty
    汚す (よごす)
  42. to be given
    授かる (さずかる)
  43. to lend
    貸す (かす)
  44. to attempt
    図る (はかる)
  45. to come to an end
    終わる (おわる)
  46. honorific expressions for 行く、来る、いる
  47. to walk/drive (someone)
    送る (おくる)
  48. to get angry
    怒る (おこる)
  49. honorific expression for 言う
  50. honorific expression for ねる
    お休みになる (おやすみになる)
  51. to be decided
  52. honorific expression for くれる
  53. honorific expression for 見る
    ご覧になる (ごらんになる)
  54. to get acquainted with
    知り合う (しりあう)
  55. honorific expression for ~ている
  56. honorific expression for する
  57. to move (to another place to live)
    引っ越す (ひっこす)
  58. honorific expression for 食べるand 飲む
    召し上がる (めしあがる)
  59. to call (name);to invite
    呼ぶ (よぶ)
  60. to stop by
    寄る (よる)
  61. to sharpen
    研ぐ (とぐ)
  62. to question
    問う (とう)
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