ANT Unit 1 Voc

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  1. Anthropology
    The study of past humans to modern humanity to better understand and explain the diversity of modern humans.
  2. Holistic perspective
    Try to understand everything as a collective whole, you cannot understand a single part of a whole in isolation.
  3. Culture
    The Learned and taught habits and interactions of a people within a society.
  4. Applied anthropology
    Is a sub-field of anthropology where you use past and present cultures to solve modern problems.
  5. Physical Anthropology
    • aka Biological Anthropology
    • Studies the biological development of primates and prehistoric humans, and study the diseases spread with in ancient and modern societies.
  6. Forensic Anthropology
    Identify murder victims for the FBI and identify MIA soldiers of past wars and conflicts.
  7. Cultural Anthropology
    Studies the cultural behaviors and interactions of recent and current societies.
  8. Linguistic Anthropology
    Studies the development and current use of language with in societies and cultures.
  9. Archaeology
    Studies the material possessions, such as structures and trade tools, of past and present cultures.
  10. Ethnography
    An aspect of cultural anthropology where we observe and record a people's cultural behaviors and beliefs, by living with the people.
  11. Ethnology
    Building theories about how cultural behaviors are formed and developed.
  12. Fieldwork
    Living and interacting with the people or group under study.
  13. Participant observation
    Involved in the culture, not just observing
  14. Empiricism
    Recording meticulous field research, to formulate theories based on the empiric evidence described from direct observation.
  15. Hypothesis
    An idea that is offered to explain similarities and/or differences in modern cultures and societies.
  16. Theory
    An academically accepted thesis explaining the similarities and differences exhibited in modern cultures and societies.
  17. Globalization
    The spread of political and economic power of a large geographic area.
  18. Urgent/Salvage Anthropology
    Ethnographic research that records dying cultures.
  19. Ethnographic Fieldwork
    An extended on-site research approach to gather detailed information on a cultures's values and practices.
  20. Enculturation
    The process in learning one's own culture
  21. Subculture
    a group who thinks their way of life is different form the larger society.
  22. Ethnic Group
    A distinct group of people who identify themselves based on common origin or ancestry.
  23. Pluralistic Society
    A society where many cultural groups live together in harmony.
  24. Symbol
    Cultural ideas represented in images, objects, or words.
  25. Ethnocentrism
    Belief that one's culture is the best culture.
  26. Cultural Relativism
    An approach in anthropology that stresses the importance of analyzing cultures in their own therms rather than in terms of the culture of the anthropologist.
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