Toddler Growth and Development

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  1. What is the leading cause of death in infants younger than 1 year
    Congenital Anomalies
  2. Family is always considered the ___ in the child's life
  3. Toddler stage is considered:
    12-36 months

    Terrible Twos
  4. Play for a toddler is primarily:
  5. Toddler age is associated with:
    intense period of exploration, temper tantrums, and obstinate behavior
  6. Weight gain for toddler:
    slows to 4-6 lbs per year
  7. Weight of toddler:
    Should be quadrupled by 2 1/2 years
  8. Height of a toddler:
    increases about 3 inches/year

    (growth is step like rather than linear)
  9. Sensory changes of toddler:
    Visual acuity of 20/40 is acceptable

    Hearing, smell, taste, and touch increase (give a child the medicine that tastes the worst LAST so they are more likely to take the rest of the medications)

    they use all senses to explore the environment
  10. MOST physiologic systems relatively mature by ____
    the end of toddlerhood
  11. Common infections with toddlers:
    Upper respiratory tract infections

    Otitis media


    (all new things for body to fight off...their bodies don't have much immunity built up)
  12. Sphincter control typically occurs:
    • 18-24 months
    • (stool control before urinary control)
  13. Locomotion of toddler:
    walking and moving around rapidly

    improved coordination (2-3 years)
  14. Fine motor development of toddler:
    Improved manual dexterity (right/left handed): 12-15 months

    Throws ball- 18 months

    Blocks, Babies, Push toys, Puzzles
  15. Psychosocial development of toddler:
    Autonomy- "I I I, Me Me Me"

    Negativism "NO!"
  16. ___ provides a sense of comfort to a toddler:
  17. For a mom having a difficult time getting her toddler dressed, suggest:
    pull up pants -- gives child sense of autonomy
  18. Cognitive development of Toddler:
    Sensorimotor and Preconceptual (they are beginning to think past the obvious)

    Object Permanence

    Memory improves and behavior becomes deliberate

    Awareness of causal relationships between 2 events (too much candy = tummy ache)

    Learns spacial relationships (triangle = 3 sides)

    Animism-- spider man is real; falling down the stairs means the stairs actually hurt them
  19. We need to be careful what we do/say around toddlers because:
    Domestic Mimicry / Imitation of behaviors
  20. Socialization / social development of Toddler:
    begin socializing with significant others (siblings/friends) is mostly parallel though

    *differentiation of self from mother and from significant others (day care)...individuation!
  21. Development of Body Image for Toddler:
    Refer to body parts by NAME

    Avoid negative labels about physical appearance

    Recognize sexual differences by age 2 years
  22. Development of Sexuality in toddlers:
    Exploration of genitalia is common

    Gender roles understood by toddler

    Playing house
  23. Language for Toddler:
    By 18 months = 10 words (2 word combos)

    Points to objects on command

    By 24 months = 300 word vocabulary (2-3 word phrases..understands pronouns and initiate toilet needs)

    By 30 months= plurals, colors, etc...
  24. Assessing Readiness for Toilet Training:
    • Voluntary Sphincter Control
    • Ability to stay dry for 2 hours
    • Fine motor skills to remove clothing
    • Willingness to please parents
    • Curiosity about adults or siblings toilet habits
    • Impatience with wet/soiled diapers
  25. Phenomenon of physiologic anorexia:
    natural process where toddlers don't need as many calories that they needed when they were really young; not as much of an appetite
  26. Sleeping habits for toddler:
    most sleep through the night and take naps during the day...make them at least have "quiet time"
  27. Dental health for toddler:
    Allow toddler to practice, but make sure you clean thoroughly after/during

    A little bit of toothpaste


    Regular Dental visits
  28. The biggest thing to remember about toddlers to prevent injury:
    They don't transfer memory over very well yet...they will likely do things that hurt them over and over (ie: electrical outlet)
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