Adolescent Health Promotion

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  1. Age rage for adolescents

    (transition between childhood and adulthood)
  2. 2 years before puberty, heralding physical changes
  3. Sexual maturity is achieved
  4. 1-2 years after puberty...skeletal growth is complete and reproductive functions become established
  5. Time of growing into psychological, social, and physical maturation
  6. Biologic development for adolescence
    Primary sex characteristics (external and internal)

    Secondary sex characteristics (voice changes, hair growth, breast enlargement, fat deposits)
  7. Hormonal changes of puberty
    Role of anterior pituitary and hypothalamus

    Hormones stimulate gonads

    Gonads produce/release gametes

    Gonads secrete sex-appropriate hormones
  8. Sex hormones are secreted by:
    Ovaries, testes, and adrenal glands

    Produced in varying amounts by both sexes
  9. Feminizing hormone...levels increase in females until 3 years after menarche; it then remains at the maximum level throughout reproductive life
  10. Masculizing hormones...
  11. Guide for estimating sexual maturity (stages of development of secondary sex characteristics and genital development)
    Tanner Stages
  12. Thelarche (8-13 years)
    Breast Buds
  13. Adrenarche (8-13 years)
    Pubic hair growth
  14. Menarche (2 years after thelarche)
    Menstruation begins
  15. Puberty delay is if no thelarche by the age of ___
  16. ___% of total height is achieved during puberty

    (usually occurs within 24-36 month period)
  17. Physiologic changes in adolscent
    Size/Strength of heart, Blood volume, SBP

    Pulse rate/Basal heat production decrease

    Respiratory volume increases

    Increased performance capabilities
  18. Psychosocial development of Adolescent
    • Sense of Identity
    • --group identity vs. alienation
    • --personal identity vs role diffusion
    • --sex role identity
    • --emotionality
  19. Cognitive development of adolescent
    • Formal Operations period 
    • (abstract thinking/futuristic planning)
  20. Moral development of adolescent
    Internalized set of moral principles

    Questioning of existing moral values/relevance to society

    Understand duty/obligation

    Concepts of justice

    ...rules don't apply to them because they are invinsible
  21. Spiritual development of adolescent


    Understand abstract concepts and interpret analogies and symbols

    Fear that others will not understand their feelings

    Tendency for introspection and emotional intensity
  22. Be aware of adolescents that want to be alone in room all of the time
    Depression, lonliness, etc...
  23. Adolescent Sexuality
    • Dating
    • Sexual orientation
    • Sexual experimentation
    • (curiosity, pleasure, conquest, peer pressure)
  24. Responses to Puberty
    • Curiosity in early adolescence
    • Concerns with "normal"
    • Concerns for late-maturing teens
    • Concept of "perfect body" achievement
  25. Immunizations for Adolescents
    • HPV
    • MMR
    • TDAP
    • Meningitis
    • Flu
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