Anatomy Quiz 1 3

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  1. Supraspinous ligament
    • Tip of spinous process of L5 connect to medial sacral ridge
    • Resists flexion
  2. Iliolumbar ligament
    • Transverse process of L5 to posterior iliac crest
    • Resist lateral side flexion
    • Stretched in out flare
  3. Lumbosacral ligament
    • Transverse process of L5 the ala of sacrum and merge with anterior sacroiliac ligament
    • Resists-side flexion, rotation, extreme extension, stretch with increased lumbar lordosis, act on SI joint
  4. Inflare of pelvis
    Brings ala of pelvis closer together and ischial tuberosities further apart
  5. Out flare of pelvis
    Brings ala of pelvis further apart and ischial tuberosities closer together
  6. SI joint
    Part synovial and part Syndemosis
  7. SI joint synovial part
    • Auricle surface of sacrum articulates with auricle surface of ilium
    • --covered in hyaline cartilage (sacrum cartilage stronger than ilium)
    • --synovial membrane and articular capsule
  8. SI Syndesmosis part
    • Posterior to synovial portion
    • Help by interosseous ligament
    • If damaged leads to major instability
    • Allows for some movement that is coordinated with pubic symphysis and LE
  9. Sacral movements
    • Nutation
    • counter nutation
  10. Nutation
    • Body of s1 rotations anteriorly/inferiorly into pelvic space and the coccyx moves posteriorly/ superiorly
    • --Increases pelvic outlet
  11. Counter nutation
    • Body of s1 rotations posteriorly/superiorly into pelvic space and the coccyx moves anteriorly/ inferiorly
    • --Decreases pelvic outlet
  12. unilateral nutation
    Anterior rotation of sacrum promatory, right ilium posterior, ASIS on right higher than on left
  13. Sacral ligaments
    • Ventral sacral ligament
    • Dorsal sacral ligament
    • Interosseous illiosacral ligament
  14. Ventral sacral ligament
    • Ventral surface of ala of sacrum to ventral surface of ala and body of ilium
    • Above and below arcuate line
    • Upper fibers stretched with out flare, nutation (upper fibers), and counter nutation
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