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  1. Anatomical Position
    The body with an erect posture with the face forward, arms at the sides, palms of the hands facing forward, and legs together with the feet pointing forward
  2. Superior
    Toward the head end or upper part of the body
  3. Inferior
    Away from the head end or toward the lower part of the body
  4. Anterior (Ventral)
    Toward the front or belly side
  5. Posterior (Dorsal)
    Toward the back
  6. Medial
    Toward the midline, which is an imaginary vertical line down the middle of the body
  7. Lateral
    Toward the side
  8. Superficial
    External, toward the body surface
  9. Deep
    Internal, inward from the surface of the body
  10. Proximal
    Toward the origin of attachment to the trunk
  11. Distal
    Away from the origin of attachment to the trunk
  12. Plane
    An imaginary flat field that is used as a point of reference for viewing three-dimensional objects
  13. Anatomical Planes
    Divide the body into imaginary sections that are useful in describing the location of the body parts relative to another
  14. Frontal or Coronal Plane
    A vertical plane passing through the body from side to side, dividing the body into anterior and posterior portions
  15. Sagittal Plane
    A vertical plane diving the body into right and left portions
  16. Midsagittal Plane
    Divides the body down the center into equal portions
  17. Parasagittal Plane
    Plane dividing down the body into unequal portions
  18. Transverse Plane
    A horizontal plane dividing the body into superior and inferior portions
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