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  1. Regions
    Areas of the body
  2. Head
    Face, cranium
  3. Neck
    Anterior neck, posterior neck
  4. Upper appendages
    Shoulder, axilla(armpit), brachium(upper arm), elbow, antebrachium(forearm), carpus(wrist), manus(hand), digits(fingers)
  5. Trunk
    Thorax, abdomen, pelvis, back
  6. Lower appendages
    Gluteus(buttock), femorus(thigh), knee, crus(leg), tarsus(ankle), pes(foot), digits(toes)
  7. Abdominal Region
    The area of the body trunk located below the diaphragm
  8. Epigastric
    On top of the stomach
  9. Hypogastric
    Below the stomach
  10. Hypochondriac
    Below the cartilage of the ribs
  11. Iliac
    Pertaining to the hip or groin
  12. Lumbar
    Pertaining to the loin or lower back
  13. Umbilical
    Pertaining to the naval
  14. Appendages
    The limbs, which are attached to the trunk, and include the head, arms, and legs.
  15. Cavities
    Spaces that are partially filled with organs, connecting structures, and fluids
  16. Dorsal Cavity
    The body cavity on the posterior side of the body that includes the cranial cavity and vertebral cavity.
  17. Ventral Cavity
    The body cavity on the anterior side of the body that includes the thoracic cavity and the abdominopelvic cavity
  18. Cranial Cavity
    The dorsal body cavity that houses the brain
  19. Thoracic Cavity
    The superior part of the ventral cavity, also called the chest cavity
  20. Abdominopelvic Cavity
    The inferior part of the ventral cavity located beneath the diaphragm
  21. Pericardial Cavity
    The cavity surrounding the heart
  22. Mediastinum
    A potential space in the center of the thoracic cavity that contains the heart and surrounding structures
  23. Abdominal Cavity
    The superior portion of the abdominopelvic cavity
  24. Pelvic Cavity
    The bowl-shaped inferior portion of the abdominopelvic cavity
  25. Spinal (Vertebral) Cavity
    The dorsal body cavity that houses the spinal cord
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