Psych Exam 1: ATI questions

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  1. What is a wrongful act or injury committed by an entity or person against another person's property?
  2. What is a defense mechanism in which one deals with anxiety by reaching out to others
  3. What is a defense mechanism in which one deals with unacceptable feelings or impulses by unconsciously substituting acceptable forms of expression
  4. What is a defense mechanism in which one is voluntarily denying unpleasant thoughts and feelings
  5. What is a defense mechanism in which one puts unacceptable ideas and emotions out of conscious awareness
  6. Are altruism and sublimation healthy or unhealthy defense mechanisms?
  7. What are intermediate defense mechanisms
    • repression
    • reaction formation
    • displacement
    • rationalization
    • undoing
  8. What are immature defense mechanisms
    • projection
    • dissociation
    • splitting
    • denial
  9. What is a defense mechanism in which one shifts feelings to an object, person, or situation to another less threatening object, person, or situation
  10. What is a defense mechanism in which one overcompensates or demonstrates the opposite behavior of what is felt
    Reaction formation
  11. What is a defense mechanism in which one performs an act to make up for a previous behavior
  12. What is a defense mechanism in which one creates reasonable and acceptable explanations for unacceptable behavior
  13. What is a defense mechanism in which one temporarily blocks memories and perceptions from consciousness
  14. What is a defense mechanism in which one demonstrates an inability to reconcile negative and positive attributes or self and others
  15. What is a defense mechanism in which one blames others for unacceptable thoughts or feelings
  16. What is a defense mechanism in which one pretends the truth is not reality to manage the anxiety of acknowledging what is real
  17. What is a defense mechanism in which one demonstrates behavior from an earlier developmental level? Exhibits childlike or immature behavior.
  18. What level of anxiety occurs in the normal experience of everyday living?
  19. What level of anxiety hampers clear thinking but allows one to still learn and problem solve? These clients benefit from direction from others.
  20. What level of anxiety impairs learning and problem-solving, ineffective functioning, and are unable to take direction from others?
  21. What level of anxiety is characterized by markedly disturbed behavior, lose touch with reality, severe hyperactivity, and possible immobility?
  22. What is the difference between Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic therapy?
    Psychodynamic stays in the present as opposed to the past
  23. In the cognitive view, how do thoughts, behaviors, and feelings relate
    thoughts > feelings > behavior
  24. Cellular activity of brain pathway
    Presynaptic Neuron > Neurotransmitter > synapse > postsynaptic neuron > receptor
  25. Name 4 monoamines
    • dopamine
    • norepinephrine
    • serotonin
    • histamine
  26. Name 2 amino acids (aminobutyric)
    • GABA
    • Glutomate
  27. Name a cholinergic
  28. What are peptides
  29. What does the brainstem consist of
    • medulla
    • pons
    • medulla oblongata
  30. Where is the cerebellum located
    behind the brainstem
  31. What are the four lobes of the cerebrum
    • Frontal
    • Temporal
    • Parietal
    • Occipital
  32. Mame a brain imaging scans that provide electrical information
  33. Name two brain imaging scans that provide structural information
    CT and MRI
  34. Name 3 brain imaging scans that provide functional information
    Functional MRI, PET, and SPECT
  35. What is the BIG area of psychiatric research that includes part of the frontal cortex, basal ganglia, and brainstem?
    Limbic system
  36. Name three disorders linked to neurotransmitters
    • schizophrenia
    • depression/mood
    • anxiety
  37. What two types of meds enhance GABA and name some examples
    • Anxiolytics and Hypnotics
    • Benzo
    • melatonin receptor agonist (Doxepin)
  38. What type of medications are aimed at correcting deficiencies of neurotransmitters norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine which are thought to regulate mood
  39. Name 5 types of antidepressants
    • TCA
    • SSRI
    • SNRI
    • SNDI
    • MAOI
  40. What mood stabilizer may effect electrical activity and involves sodium and potassium
  41. What anticonvulsant drug reduces firing rate of high frequency neurons "possibly helps mood swings"
  42. Name 3 medication categories for Antipsychotics
    • 1st generation: typical (Dopamine blocker)
    • 2nd generation: atypical (Dopamine/Serotonin)
    • 3rd generation: Dopamine stabilizer (Abilify)
  43. What two pathways are included in psychoneuroimmunology
    • hypothalamic > pituitary > adrenal
    • sympathetic adrenal medullary pathways
  44. What is social etiquette
    our judgments of people based on our notions of proper behavior
  45. What is type of release from a hospital dependent on?
    Type of admission
  46. What motor disorder is characterized by motor/verbal tics, onset age 2-7, usually comorbid condition
    Tourette's disorder
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