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  1. what line does the ventral sacral ligament go above and below?
    Arcuate line
  2. Dorsal SI
    • Very strong
    • Contains upper and lower fibers
  3. Dorsal SI upper fibers
    • PSIS to 1st 2 tubercles on intermediate sacral crest
    • Resists out flare, nutation!!
  4. Dorsal SI lower fibers
    • PSIS to lower lateral and intermediate tubercles on sacral crest
    • Maintain position of sacrum on ilium
    • Prevents downward shear of sacrum on ilium
  5. Interosseous sacroiliac ligaments
    • Holds SI joint together
    • Limits deep palpation of posterior pelvis
    • Very strong
    • Resists everything- out flare, compressed with inflare, nutation/counter nutation, shear
  6. Pelvic ligaments
    • Sacrotuberous ligament
    • Sacrospinous ligament
  7. Sacrotuberous ligament
    • Merge with posterior sacroiliac ligament
    • Come for PSIS and lateral crest of sacrum and inserts onto ischial tuberosity
    • Attachment for gluteus maximus
  8. Sacrospinous ligament
    • Lower part of ventral to ischial spine
    • Convert greater/lesser sciatic notch into foramen
  9. Local muscular support muscles
    • Lumbar multifidi
    • --support sacrum
    • Transverse abdominus
    • Pelvis floor
    • --connect pelvis and sacrum to pubis and positions in stable position
    • Quadratus lumborum
    • -- moves iliac crest
  10. Global support muscles
    • Rectus abdominus
    • External oblique
    • Internal oblique
    • Erector spinae
  11. Other muscles that stabilize
    • Piriformis
    • --stabilize connections of LE
    • gluteus maximus
    • hamstrings
    • iliopsoas
    • latissimus dorsi
    • -attaches on Thoracodorsal fascia
  12. hip joint articulation
    a synovial joint of the ball and socket type between the head of the femur and the acetabulum
  13. functions of hip
    • flex/ext
    • int/ext rotation
    • circumduction
  14. ligaments that resist extension
    • anterior longitudinal
    • lumbosacral (extreme)

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