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  1. A multiple of CH2O is the basic molecular formula for what kind of macromolecule?
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    What is this?
    • Lipid
    • Glycerol and 3 fatty acids
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    The embedded molecules seen here can act as a buffer against either too much heat or cold in animal cells. What are they?
  4. What has a certain hydrophilic composition that certain molecules or ions can use as a tunnel through the membrane?
    Channel Protein
  5. Phagocytosis and pinocytosis are examples of
    • Endocytosis
    • Bulk Transport
  6. A cell that has a solute concentration of 0.5% is placed in a solution that has a solute concentration of 0.025%. What can we say about this cell?
    • The cell is hypertonic with respect to the solution
    • Water is likely to enter the cell, making it swell
  7. In cell signaling, receptor activation occurs in the cytosol only for intracellular receptors whose ligand has to cross the plasma membrane. True or false?
  8. What attaches to both the cytoskeleton and the extracellular matrix?
  9. What organelles are packets of RNA and protein made up of large and small subunits and are the sites of protein synthesis?
  10. When a cell secretes a signaling compound that can affect it as well as neighboring cells, we call this mode of communication...
    • Local
    • Autocrine
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    The structure is a schematic of an enzyme. The blue pointer is indicating the
    • Active Site
    • Site for competitive inhibition to occur
  12. A reaction which builds from simple to complex may be
    • Anabolic
    • Endergonic
    • Photosynthesis
  13. During redox reactions, the molecule that donates an electron is said to be ___, while the molecule accepting the electrons is said to be ___. The one donating the electrons is also known as the ___ agent, and the one accepting is known as the ___ agent.
    Oxidized, reduced; reducing, oxidizing
  14. What can alter the function of enzymes?
    • pH
    • Temperature
    • Cofactors
    • Inhibitors
  15. Enzymes lower the activation energy of a reaction, and so speed up the reaction. True or false?
  16. In an electrogenic pump, ATP is used to pump __ against its concentration gradient to the outside of the cell; in turn this builds potential energy known as the "proton motive force" that is used to transport another molecule ___ its concentration gradient
    H+; against
  17. At rest, the cell is relatively more ___ inside and relatively more ___ outside, and the Na+ concentration is higher ___ while the K+ concentration is higher ___.
    negative, positive; outside, inside
  18. In long distance signaling, the molecule used is termed
  19. When a ligand binds to a specific protein, we call this
  20. When microfilaments and microfibers assemble and reassemble themselves, we can call this type of cellular work
  21. Most ATP is made by
  22. Spindle fibers attaching to chromosomes to pull them apart during cell division is considered
    Mechanical Work
  23. Glycolysis occurs in which part of the cell?
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