factors affecting health

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  1. factors affecting health
    • political
    • cultural
    • heredity
    • environmental factors
    • socio-economic factors
  2. involves one's leadership how he/she rules
  3. the condition of being free from harm, injury or loss of authority or power
  4. unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power
  5. determination to pursue something which is for the interest of he majority
    political will
  6. the ability of a person to do something
  7. creating circumstances where people can use their faculties and abilities at the maximum level in pursuit of common goals
  8. relating to the representation of non-physical traits, such as values, beliefs, attitudes and customs shared by a group of people and passed from the generation to next
  9. customary action usually done to maintain or promote health like use of anting-anting and luck charms
  10. actions people undertake to understand their health state, maintain an optimal state of health, prevent illness or injury, and reach their maximum physical and mental potential
  11. a state or habit of mind wherein a group of people place into something or a person
  12. concepts about health that an individual believes true and influenced by culture
  13. a ritual or an object passed down within a society
  14. a basic character of a society still maintained in the present, with origins in the past
  15. genetic transmission of traits from parents to offspring; genetically determined
  16. it influences biological characteristics, innate temperament, activity level and intellectual potential
    genetic makeup
  17. the sum of all the conditions and elements that make up the surroundings and influence the development of individuals
    environmental factors
  18. refers to the production activities, distribution and consumption of goods of an individual
    socio-economic factors
  19. factors influencing health care
    • hierarchy of needs
    • major developmental levels and tasks
    • developmental stages and tasks by Freud and Erikson
    • types of conditions affecting the patient
    • personal resources
    • extent of actual or perceived change in body image
    • client's and family's stage of adaptation
    • client's history
  20. major developmental levels/stages
    • infant (1month - 1 year)
    • toddler (1 - 3 years)
    • pre-school (3 - 6 years)
    • school-age (6 to puberty)
    • adolescent (12 - 20 years)
    • young adult (18 - 40 years)
    • middle adult (40 - 65 years)
    • older adult (65 years onwards
  21. father of psychoanalysis
    sigmund freud
  22. psychosexual theory
    sigmund freud
  23. developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst
    Erik Erikson
  24. Theory of Psychosocial development on human beings
    erik erikson
  25. freuds's psychosexual stages
    • oral stage (birth to 1 year)
    • anal stage (1 - 3 years)
    • phallic stage (3 - 6 years)
    • latent stage (7 - 11 years)
    • genital stage (adolescence)
    • (adulthood)
  26. erikson's psychosocial stages
    • trust vs mistrust (birth - 1 year)
    • anatomy vs doubt (1 - 3 years)
    • initiative vs guilt (3 - 6 years)
    • industry vs inferiority (7 - 11 years)
    • identity vs role confusion (adolescence)
    • intimacy vs role isolation (adulthood)
    • generativity vs stagnation (adulthood)
    • integrity vs despairĀ (adulthood)
  27. attraction of sons to their moms
    oedipal complex
  28. attraction of girls to their fathers
    electra complex
  29. types of conditions affecting the patient
    • acute illness
    • chronic illness
    • terminal illness
    • primary health problem
    • secondary health problem
  30. caused by a health problem that produces signs and symptoms abruptly and runs a short cause from which there is a full recovery
    acute illness
  31. caused by a health problem that produces signs and symptoms overtime and runs a long course from which there is only partial recovery
    chronic illness
  32. period when a chronic illness becomes more active and there is a recurrence of pronounced signs and symptoms of the disease
  33. period when a chronic illness is controlled and signs and symptoms are reduced or not obvious
  34. continuous deterioration or increased impairment of a person's physical state
  35. no cure possible
    death is inevitable in the future
    emphasis of care is on the hygiene and comfort
    terminal illness
  36. original condition, developing independently of another health problem
    primary health problem
  37. direct result of another health problem
    secondary health problem
  38. personal resources
    • level of self-esteem
    • experiential background
    • intelligence
    • level of motivation
    • values
    • religion
    • social interaction
    • stress control
  39. attitude that reflects the individual's perception of self-worth; it is a personal subjective judgement to oneself
    level of self-esteem
  40. knowledge derived from one's own actions, observations or perception, maturation, culture development
    experiential background
  41. genetic intellectual potential
  42. internal desire or incentive to accomplish something
    level of motivation
  43. comes naturally for a man to suffer for those whom he loves and wishes to protect from pain and suffering
    natural motivation
  44. transcends pain and suffering to a higher placeĀ in hope of non material rewards
    supernatural motivation
  45. faith, hope, charity
    spiritual values
  46. factors that are important to an individual
  47. deep personal belief in a higher force than humanity
  48. ability to clearly communicate needs and desires to others
    social interaction
  49. development of varied effective coping skills
    stress control
  50. clients's history
    • health history
    • socio-cultural history
  51. what physical adaptations were manifested in the past
  52. health history
    • physiologic
    • psychologic
  53. socio cultural history
    • religion
    • ethnic group
    • occupation
    • economic status
    • family members, significant others and their personal resources
    • race
    • educational background
    • environment
    • social status
    • lifestyle
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