chapter 1 w301

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  1. What is a management
    getting work done through others
  2. Effectiveness
    achieving the goal
  3. Efficiency
    getting work done with minimum ( effort, expense, or waste)
  4. What are the 4 functions of management
    • Planning-determining organizational goals
    • Organizing-deciding where decisions will be made
    • Leading-inspiring and motivating workers
    • Controlling-monitoring progress towards a goals
  5. Management levels
    • Top Managers- CEO, Presidents, VP's
    • Middle Managers- general managers/administrative¬†
    • first line Managers- functional heads (productions, sales, HR, Accounting )
  6. Managerial roles and the overriding categ for the 10 roles
    • Interpersonal roles- Figurehead, leader, liaison
    • Informational Roles- Monitor, Dissemination, spokesperson
    • Decisonal Roles- Entrepreneur, Disturbance handler, resource allocator, negotiator
  7. management skills
    • technical skills- the specialized knowledge that is required to get the job done
    • Human Skill- the ability to work well with others¬†
    • Conceptual skills- the ability to see the organization as a whole and understand how the different parts effect each other
    • motivation to manage- is an assement of how motivated emploees are to there superiors
  8. Luthans' managerial activities
    • traditional management- decision making, planning , and controlling
    • communications- exachaning rountine information and processing paper work
    • Human resource management- Motivating, disciplining, managing conflict , staffing, and taring
    • Networking- Socializing, politicking, and interacting with others.
  9. Mistake managers make
    • Insensitive to others
    • cold or arrogant
    • Overly ambitious
  10. networking is the fastest way to advance as a manager
  11. do you want to be a manager.. it not always easy
    • are you ready to work long hours
    • responsablity over other and their problems
    • managing former peers
    • being caught in the middle
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