American Cultures Age of Imperialism

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  1. 5 Roots of Western Imperialism
    • accidental - a lot of it was simply protecting trade interests
    • innovations & technology
    • mercantilism - country should do anything to make $; colonies established for the mother colony
    • strategic - take one colony to keep another colony secure
    • few settlement colonies
  2. 4 Types of Control
    • settlement colonies
    • dependent colonies
    • protectorates
    • spheres of influence
  3. type of control with a group of people living somewhere else
    settlement colony
  4. type of control with few Europeans rule over non-Europeans
    dependent colony
  5. type of control with a local ruler keeping title, but Europeans in control
  6. type of control with areas under economic control
    spheres of influence
  7. 3 Cultural Motives
    • White Man's Burden
    • missionaries
    • social darwinism
  8. system stating that non-Europeans were children that needed to be taken care of
    White Man's Burden
  9. states that some races are better than others and that the better races should control over others
    social darwinism
  10. 6 Cultural Implications
    • indirect vs direct rule
    • forced assimilation
    • cultural identity loss
    • exploitation of land/resources
    • forced labor
    • westernization
  11. a book by Alfred T MahanĀ discussing that the US should become a major naval power
    in need of fueling stations in the Pacific
    by 1900 - US was 3rd largest naval power
    The Influence of the Sea
  12. who had to do with the opening of Japan?
    Commodore Matthew C Perry
  13. 4 black warships
    a treaty given a year to discuss uponĀ in 1854
    leads to trade and foreign relations
    Treaty of Kanagawa
  14. Alaskan Purchase known as
    Seward's Folly
  15. Things leading up to Spanish American War
    • Yellow Pres - Joseph Pulitzer & William Randolph Hearst published sensational headlines of Spanish brutality in Cuba
    • Manifest Destiny
    • Strategic - Cuba could be a naval base when a canal is completed
    • Letter from Spanish Ambassador called McKinley "weak & stupid"
  16. Spark of Spanish American War
    USS Maine exploded - Spain accused
  17. T. Roosevelt's group he led in the Spanish-American War --> Victories
    The "Rough Riders"
  18. Treaty of Paris 1898
    • Frees Cuba from Spanish rule
    • Spain gives up Puerto Rico, Guam, Wake Is.
    • US paid Spain $20 million for the Philippins
  19. Founded in 1899
    Campaigned against the annexation of the Philippines & other acts of imperialism
    The Anti-Imperialist League
  20. Leaders of the Anti-Imperialist League
    Mark Twain, Andrew Carnegie, William James, William Jennings Bryan
  21. Platt Amendment (4 parts)
    • Cuba doesn't enter into any agreements w/ foreign powers that would endanger its independence
    • US could intervene in Cuban affairs if necessary to maintain security
    • Cuba must lease Guantanamo Bay to US for naval & coaling station
    • Cuba must not build up an excessive public debt
  22. diplomacy which increased military & increased military presence
    "Big Stick" Deplomacy
  23. updated Monroe Doctrine (US would exercise police power in the Western Hemisphere)
    Roosevelt Corollary
  24. US completed the canal when French company went bankrupt
    Panama Canal Zone
  25. diplomacy under Taft which substitutes money for military force (business investments)
    "Dollar Diplomacy"
  26. Wilson's "Moral Diplomacy"
    • The US should be the conscience of the world
    • spread democracy
    • promote peace
    • condemn colonialism
  27. Attack foreign consulates
    over a dozen countries send troops
    Beginning of the end for Chinese Emperors
    The Boxer Rebellion: 1900
  28. Open Door Policy
    • sphere of influence
    • give all nation equal access to trade in China
    • Guaranteed that China could NOT be taken over by any one foreign power
  29. Treaty of Portsmouth: 1905
    • Ends Russo_Japanese War
    • Nobel Peace Prize for T. Roosevelt
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