chapter 2 w301

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  1. why should we study " historical foundations of management"
    examples of management can be found through out history, from as early as 5000 BCE. for example the building of the pyramids took planning, organization, and controlling
  2. scientific management
    • the thorough study and testing of different work methods to identity the best, most effective way to complete a job
    • Goal- to determine fair days work and compensate accordingly
  3. Fredrick Taylor
    • wanted to replace rule of thumb decisions and tradition with precision
    • developed the standard method for performing each job
    • selected workers with the right abilities for the job
    • provided wage incentives for increased output
  4. Bureaucratic Organization
    • we think of red tape or nonsensical rule
    • Max Weber
  5. Elements Bureaucratic Organization
    • Qualification based hiring
    • merit based promotions
    • chain of command
    • division of labor
    • impartial aplication of rule and procedures
    • recorded in writing
    • managers separate from owners
  6. Administrative Management
    • the success of an enterprise generally depends much moreĀ  on the administrative ability of its leaders than of their technical ability
    • henri fayol came up with the 14 principle of management
  7. Hawthorne study
    • it was done at western electric company
    • lighting (different setting) X
    • Finical ( raises) X
    • Social positive
    • People work differently when they are being watched
  8. System Management
    is a set of interrelated parts or elements that works together
  9. synergy
    occurs when two or more subsystems working together can produce more than they can working apart.
  10. contingency approach
    holds that there are no universal management theories and that the most effective management theory or idea depends on the kinds of problems or situations that manager are facing at a particular time and place
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