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  1. Recording method used to examine only the structure, not function, of a human brain
    CAT Scan
  2. Instrument used to hold the subject's head in place while an atlas is used to guide surgery
    Stereotaxic instrument
  3. Method can be used to treat some brain dysfunction such as epilepsy, depression, or parkinson's disease
    Deep Brain stimulation
  4. This design compares one patient that is impaired on task X but normal on task Y with another patient that is normal on task X but impaired on task Y to make inferences about structure-function relationships.
    Double dissociation design
  5. This problem, articulated by René Decarte, involves the distinction between the physical brain and our mental processes
    Mind-body problem
  6. Franz Gall created this pseudoscience, which suggests that brain function is localized to specific regions and more brain tissue in that region implies a stronger expression of that function
  7. Descartes postulated that this brain structure was where teh ethereal and the physical brain interacted
    Pineal gland
  8. Santiago Ramon y Cajal and ___ were at odds over the Neuronal Doctrine due to the staining method used
    Camillo Golgi
  9. This theory, which ran counter to the neuron theory, assumed that the brain was one mass of fused cells rather than continuous, individual cells
    Reticulum theory
  10. These are the three major structures of the neuron
    • Soma
    • Axon 
    • Dendrite
  11. This is a change in the membrane potential, making it less negative
  12. This type of conduction occurs in myelinated axons
    Saltatory conduction
  13. This cytoskeleton component forms the structure of the axon
  14. The development of these glial cells is dependent upon axonal contact
    Schwann cells
  15. This passive response to a change in membrane potential is considered a proportional
    Graded potential
  16. THese channels open up when the voltage threshold is reached, beginning the generation of the action potential
    Sodium ion channels
  17. This mechanism, which uses ATP, is essential for maintaining the resting potential of a neuron
    Sodium Potassium PUmp
  18. This glial cell is important in maintaining the blood-brain barrier
  19. This ion can freely pass through the membrain but is found in a greater concentration outside the cell
  20. This area separates the presynaptic and postsynaptic membranes
    Synaptic cleft
  21. This ion flows through voltage-gated ioin channels in the axon terminal to facilitate exocytosis
  22. Drugs that inhibit the activity of a neurotransmitter are also known as
  23. The ionottropic receptors for acetylcholine are also known as this
    Nicotinic receptors
  24. Catecholamines such as dopamine can be inactivated by monoamine oxidase (MAO) and this enzyme
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