chapter 3 w 301

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  1. characteristic in an external environment
    • environmental change- the rate at which a company's general and specific environment change. can be stable dynamic or punctuated
    • environmental complexity- How many environmental factor that affect an organization.
    • resource scarcity- how much or how little materials an organization hasĀ 
    • Uncertainty- the extent to which managers can understand or predict the external changes now and in the future
  2. Different dimensions of general environment?
    • PETS
    • Politcal/Legal- laws and regulations that govern business behaviors
    • Economy- consumer confidence, exchange rate
    • Technology- knowledge, tools and techniques that transform inputs into outputs
  3. What is organizational culture
    • is the behavior of humans within an organization and the meaning that people attach to these behaviors.
    • Ex Zappos (clan culture)
  4. general environment
    factors that indirectly affect all organizations
  5. specific environment
    factors that are unique to the firms industry and that directly affects business on a day to day level
  6. Specific environmental factors
    • suppliers
    • industry regulations
    • customers
    • competitors
    • advocacy groups
  7. where does a company's culture come from
    the founder or CEO can play a large part of the companies culture
  8. external environments
    all events a outside a company that have the potential to influence or affect it
  9. Punctuated equilibrium theory
    theory that companies go through periods of stability followed by short periods dynamic change
  10. organizational culture
    the values and beliefs and attitudes shared by organizational members
  11. visible artifacts
    visible signs of an organization 's culture , such as the layout, dress code ,beniftis and perks
  12. what is the socialization process and what are the outcome from the socialization process
    • prearrival stage- learning period before employees join organization
    • Encounter stage- stage when new employees see what organization is like (might not be what they were thinking )
    • Metamorphosis stage- stage when new employees change and adjust to the job
    • Outcomes-Productivity, Commitment, Turnover
  13. how is culture sustained/ maintained
    • selection
    • top management
    • Reward system
    • heroes and stories
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