History Florida Test 1

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  1. What is the Florida state flower?
    The Orange Blossom

    It is one of the most fragrant flowers. It was selected in 1909.
  2. What is the state motto?
    In God we Trust
  3. What is the state Bird?
    The Mockingbird

    The Mockingbird mimics the songs of other birds.
  4. What is the state song?
    • "The Swanee River" or "Old Folks Home"
    • was written by Steven C. Foster
  5. What is the state tree?
    The Sabel Palm

    It can grow in almost any soil and has many uses; food, medicine and landscaping.
  6. What does the state flag look like?
    A white flag, red X with the state seal in the middle.
  7. What does the state seal look like?
  8. The Indian is a Seminole, the major tribe of the state. Tree is a sable palm, sunrays and a steamboat to represent transportation.
  9. What is the state's nickname?
    • The Sunshine State
    • It was named this because the sun shines for at least part of almost every day of the year.
  10. What is the oldest permanently occupied European Settlement?
    • St. Augustine.
    • Founded in 1565 by Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles
  11. Who was Henry Flagler?
    • Founder of Flagler College.
    • He developed hotels and ¬†railroads to make travel to Florida easier and better.
    • (1830-1913)
  12. Who was Chief Oseola?
    An Indian chief who tried to prevent the Indians from losing their lands to the European settlers.
  13. What happened in the 1500's?
    • 1) Juan Ponce de Leon lands in Florida
    • 2) St. Augustine became established as the first permanent European settlement.
  14. What happened in the 1600's?
    This period is know as the "Mission Period".
  15. What happened in the 1700's?
    • 1) The Treaty of Paris gives Florida to Britain in exchange for Cuba.
    • 2) Creek Indians and others became known as Seminole Indians.
    • 3) Spain captures East and West Florida
  16. What happened in the 1800's?
    • 1) First Seminole War
    • 2) Spain gives up Florida
    • 3) First railroads, 2nd Seminole War
    • 4) Florida becomes a state (1845)
    • 5) Third Seminole War
  17. What happened in the 1900's?
    • 1) Hurricane hits Miami
    • 2) NASA begins at Cape Canaveral
    • 3) Apollo 11 launched, 1st men to moon
    • 4) Walt Disney World opens
    • 5) Miami Dolphins win Superbowl
    • 6) Capitol built in Tallahassee
    • 7) EPCOT opens
    • 8) Challenger explosion
  18. What happened in the 2000's?
    • 1) Dale Earnhardt killed
    • 2) 4 hurricanes hit Florida
    • 3) Hurricane Wilma
    • 4) Gulf spill
    • 5) End of Shuttle Program
    • 6) 500th Anniversary of Ponce De Leon landing in Florida
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