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  1. The Kentucky State Plumbing Code is also know as.
  2. Department means?
    The department of Housing, Buildings and Construction
  3. Define Apprentice
    a person in the process of learning the plumbing trade under the supervision of a licensed master or journeyman plumber
  4. Define Farmstead
    must be situated on at least 10 acres or more which is located outside the corporate limits
  5. Licensed plumbers must carry a minimum insurance policy of?
  6. All applications for plumbing installation permits shall be accompanied by _______ and ________ of the proposed plumbing installation, location,and construction of the _________  ________  ________ to be used.
    plans, specifications, water supply system
  7. Define air break
    a piping arrangement in which a drain from a fixture, appliance, or device discharges indirectly into another fixture appliance or receptacle below the flood level rim
  8. Define Air Gap
    the unobstructed vertical distance through the free atmosphere between the outlet of a waste pipe and the flood level rim of the receptacle it discharges into
  9. Renewal price of a master and journeyman license is?
    $250, $60
  10. When is a plumbing permit required?
    • 1. New plumbing installations
    • 2. Replacement of existing plumbing if a fixture, soil, or waste opening is to be moved or relocated
    • 3.Each individual unit of a multistory building
    • 4.Buildings that are considered separate or are not under a continuous roof.
    • 5.A new house sewer or an existing sewer that is to be replaced
    • 6.The addition of a backflow prevention device
    • 7.A new water service or replacement of a water service
    • 8.A water heater installation
    • 9.Taking over anothers plumbing permit
  11. How much is the fee for a plumbing permit for a residential house?
    $45 base fee and $7 for each fixture opening and $7 for each water heater and $7 for each additional water and sewer service if there is more than one.
  12. How much is the fee for a plumbing permit for a commercial property?
    $45 base and $10 for each fixture opening, $10 for each water heater, $10 for each conductor opening, $10 for each separate water or sewer service if there is more than one.
  13. How much is the permit for replacing a water heater?
  14. How many plumbing inspections do you get for free? How much is each inspection after that? If the plumbing permit fee is ________ or more you receive unlimited plumbing inspections.
    5, $50, $200
  15. A trap or pipe shall not extend closer than _______ to the floor except laundry trays or similar fixtures?
  16. A shower pan shall be constructed without a _______ and shall extend to a minimum height of _______ on all vertical walls.
    seam, 6"
  17. A flue or chimney shall extend at least _______ above the roof and shall not be within ______ of a door or window?
    2', 6'
  18. Shower head flow shall be limited to ______ GPM?
  19. Lavatories shall be limited to _______ GPM flow?
  20. Sink faucets shall be limited to _______ GPM?
  21. Residential water closets shall be limited to _______ Gallons per flush?
  22. Commercial water closets shall be limited to _______ Gallons per flush?
  23. Urinals shall be limited to _______ Gallons per flush?
  24. All piping shall be supported at least every _______?
  25. Stainless steel torquing bands for cast iron shall be torqued to _________?
    60 in lbs
  26. Torquing Clamps shall be torqued to ______?
    175 In lbs
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