737 General A/C Systems

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  1. How many windows in the cockpit?
    which ones are sliding?
    • 10 windows
    • L2 and R2
  2. How long does it take for the IRU s to align?
    fast realignment?
    • 10 minutes
    • 30 seconds.
  3. where does dome light get its power from?
  4. When do Emergency Instrument FLood lights turn on? what are they powered by?
    • automaticall during electrical power loss.
    • powered by BAT BUS.
  5. What does the BAT BUS power?
    white dome light, emergency instrument flood lights, essential instrument lghts.
  6. where is the flight crew oxygen located?
    what is the min pressure needed?
    • Forward cargo compartment.
    • 1200 PSI
  7. When will the No smoking sign illuminate in the AUTO position?
    When does the seat belt sign illuminates AUTO?
    When do Emergency Exit lights turn on?
    • When Landing gear is in down position.
    • Flaps not in the Up position.
    • Loss of AC power.
  8. Emergency Lights are powered by?
    For how long? 
    besides the cockpit where else can they be turned on at?
    • battery packs.
    • 20 minutes. 
    • AFT flight attendant panel.
  9. When do the Passenger oxygen masks deploy?
    How long do they last?
    • cabin alt above 14,000 feet.
    • last for 12 minutes.
  10. What is the max altitude?
    Flap Load limit for :
    Flaps up
    Flaps down
    • FL 370
    • 2.5g to -1 g
    • 2.0g to 0 g
  11. EQUIP light for doors is tell you what?
    Electronic Equip Access Door and Lower Nose Compartment Access door.
  12. Where does VHF 1 and NAV 1 get its power supply from?
    standby horizon indicator?
    • Standby DC BUS
    • Batt Bus and Static Inverter.
  13. Captains EFIS is controlled by?
    • AC ELEX 2
  14. What is checked with takeoff configuration?
    • Stabilizer, Flaps, Slats, Speed brake, Parking brake.
    • A horn sounds when throttles are advanced and not in proper configuration.
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