737 electrics

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  1. What is used for AC power?
    What is used for DC power?
    • AC. Two engine driven Generators 115 Vac 400 HZ CSD voltage regulators. One APU Generator. AC external Power.
    • DC. Batteries. three TRUs convert 115Vac to 28Vdc.
  2. What powers the batt bus logic?
    TRU3 and alternately by Hot Batt Bus
  3. What is normal power source for AC standby  Bus? DC Standby BuS?
    Alternate source for AC Standby? DC Standby.
    • transfer BUS 1.
    • DC BUS 1.
    • static inverter.
    • Battery BUS.
  4. BLUE Gen OFF BUS illuminates when?
    Blue APU GEN OFF BUS illuminates when?
    • Generator BUS is not being supplied by respective GEN.
    • APU is on speed and not powering the GEN Bus. it is ready to supply bleed air and electrics.
  5. Amber Xfer BUS oFF and BUS OFF indicate?
    inactive bus.
  6. Blue GND POWER AVAIL light indicates?
    what protects against faulty external power?
    • AC external power connected and supplying AC/DC BUS.
    • BUS protection panel.
  7. Amber Standby Power OFF indicates?
    AC standby Bus inactive.
  8. What are the Three electrical principles?
    • No paralleling of AC sources.
    • Last source on diconnects the existing source.
    • All sources must be switched on manually.
  9. What happens if right APU gen Bus is switched on and GPU is being supplied? what about in the air?
    • Two sources of power. Gen Bus 1 being supplied by GPU and Gen BUS 2 by APU. 
    • During flight APU can only power one Gen Bus.
  10. What does normal ground power supply?
    What happens to APU if Batt is switched OFF?
    • Both Gen Buses.
    • APU will shutdown.
  11. AMBER Low oil pressure indicates?
    what happens once disconnected?
    Can it be reconnected?
    • Cooling and lubrication of generator drive are not sufficient.
    • becomes INOP.
    • On the ground only.
  12. AMBER High OIL TEMP light indicates?
    What does Rise mean on gauge?
    What does In mean on gauge?
    • mechanical failure or clogged oil cooler.
    • temp of oil entering Generator Drive.
    • Temperature rise within the Drive.
  13. Standby Power Switch:
    what happens when switch is on BATT?
    • -Standby buses powered on Ground.
    • - Battery Power approximately 30 minutes
    • - Connects Batt to Hot Batt Bus via logic and Bat Bus.
  14. What is on the AC Elex Bus #2? 
    Why are standby Buses and Elex Buses important?
    • - Fo's Instruments.
    • -have most important instruments.
  15. Standby Power Switch: 
    OFF position?
    What illuminates when no Standby Bus power?
    • Standby Buses become powerless. 
    • Standby PWR OFF light illuminates when no power to Standby Buses.
  16. Standby Power Switch:
    In Auto Position where do AC and DC Standby Buses get their power from?
    • AC from Transfer Bus 1
    • DC from DC Bus 1
  17. If no AC power where do the Standby Buses get its power from?
    • AC through inverter
    • DC through battery.
  18. What is still working on the Captain's side if Batt power only?
    Radios, Navigation, Flight instruments.
  19. What does having the BUS transfer Switch in OFF do?
    What does TR3 do during AP or FD ILS approach?
    • -It seperates the electrics into two systems.
    • -opens automatically to avoid faults.
  20. How long do you wait before resetting a circuit breaker?
    How many times can you reset?
    • 2 min
    • 1 time only.
  21. What does TRU 3 supply power to ?
    Batt Bus Logic
  22. What can you assume if you have multiple system failures?
    You have a bus failure. check circuit breakers.
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