INFS 227 Ch 1

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  1. Affidavit
    doc given under penalty of perjury that investigators create to detail findings. used to justify issuing warrant
  2. Allegation
    charge made against someone before proof has been found
  3. Authorized Requester
    corporate environment: person who has right to request investigation
  4. Computer Forensics
    process of applying scientific methods to collect and analyze data and info that can be used as evidence
  5. Computer Investigations
    conducting forensic analysis of system suspected of containing evidence related to incident or crime
  6. CTIN
    • Computer Technology Investigators Network
    • a nonprofit group based in seattle, composed of law enforcement members, private corporation security professionals, and security professionals; Aim is to improve quality of high-tech investigations in Pacific Northwest.
  7. Data Recovery
    a specialty field in which companies retrieve files that were deleted
  8. Disaster Recovery
    specialty field: companies perform real-time backups, monitoring, data recovery, and hot site operations
  9. Enterprise Network Environment
    a large corporate computing system that can include formerly independent systems
  10. Exhibits
    evidence used in ct to prove case
  11. 4th Amendment
    • search and seizure
    • must have probable cause
  12. HTCIA
    • High Technology Crime Investigation Association.
    • nonprofit association for solving international computer crimes
  13. Hostile Work Environment
    • environment in which employees cannot perform their assigned duties because of the actions of others.
    • ex: threatening or demanding emails, coworker viewing hate sites
  14. Inculpatory
    evidence that indicates a suspect is guilty of the crime with which they are charged
  15. Industrial Espionage
    selling sensitive or proprietary company info to a competitor
  16. IACIS
    An organization created to provide training and software for law enforcement in computer forensics
  17. Line of Authority
    order in which ppl or positions are notified of a problem; these ppl or positions have legal right to initiate an investigation, take possession of evidence
  18. Litigation
    legal process leading to trial w/purpose of proving criminal or civil liability
  19. Network Intrusion Detection and Incident Response
    detecting attacks frm intruders by using automated tools; includes the manual process of monitoring network firewall logs
  20. Police Blotter
    a log of criminal activity that law enforcement personnel can use to review the types of crimes currently being committed.
  21. Professional Conduct
    behavior expected of an employee in workplace or other professional setting
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