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  1. What is the minimum number of informants that Funder recommends for each person in a study?
  2. A personality description of a client by his or her therapist is an example of ___ data.
    I (Informant) Data
  3. According to the textbook, daily diary reports can be considered __ data.
    B (Behaviorial [natural]) Data
  4. According to the textbook, there are no perfect ____ of personality, only ____.
    indicators; clues
  5. As part of a research project, a participant uses a smart phone application that signals her at random times throughout the day. At those times, the application presents a series of questions for her to answer regarding her current activities. This is an example of ____ data.
    experience sampling
  6. What would be an example of natural B (behavioral) data?
    observations of the number of times a subject told a joke in a day
  7. A behavioroid is a combination of which two types of data?
    Self informant and Behavioral data
  8. In a priming study, participants solved puzzles that included words such as gray, wise, retired, and Florida. After solving these puzzles, participants were observed as they walked down a hallway. The observation of participants' speed of walking would be considered ________ data.
    Experimental Behavioral data
  9. What term describes computer-assisted methods to measure thoughts and feelings that occur during normal daily activities?
    Ambulatory assessment
  10. The most important advantage of B data is that they are based on ________.
    direct observations of behavior, so they are more objective and quatifiable

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