Mare Antomy

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  1. two types of organs in repro tract:
    • organs make up the system
    • glands that regulate the system
  2. Broad ligament:
    • suspends the uterus and ovaries from above
    • contains blood, lymph and nerves
    • enlarges during pregnancy so more blood can flow through
    • made of CT and vascular tissue
  3. Vulva:
    • external opening of repro tract
    • protective barrier to keep foreign substances out
  4. Cervix:
    • barrier protecting the uterus from the outer environment
    • seals off with a plug during pregnancy
    • important in AI
  5. What causes changes in the cervix?
    • hormones
    • estrous cycle
  6. What is the organ of pregnancy?
    the uterus
  7. What happens in the uterus?
    • implantation and development of the fetus occurs here
    • ovum bounces around until its big enough to implant into lining
  8. Bicornuate Uterus:
    • relatively large uterine body
    • short, poorly developed uterine horns
  9. Mesometrium:
    • layer of uterus that holds broad ligament
    • provides physical support
    • blood, lymph, nerves
  10. Perimetrium:
    • physical support
    • encases uterus
  11. Myometrium:
    • clears fluid during estrus
    • mobility and fixatior of embryo
    • expulsion of fetus
    • separates mesometrium and perimetrium
  12. Endometrium:
    • hormones and vascular support
    • has folds
    • expands surface area
  13. Ovaries:
    • suspended from broad ligament below the 4th and 5th vertebrae
    • bean shaped with ovulation fossa
    • varies in size according to degree of activity
  14. Oviduct:
    tube that links the ovary to the uterus
  15. Infundibulum:
    • collects ova from ovulation fossa
    • "catcher's mitt"
  16. Ampulla:
    passage of ova to fertilization site
  17. Isthmus:
    • capacitation of sperm
    • passage of embryo to the uterus
  18. Where does fertilization occur?
    at the junction of the ampulla and the isthumus
  19. Convex side of the ovary:
    • Bilus
    • are of attachment to the abdominal cavity
  20. concave side of the ovary:
    • contains ovulation fossa
    • where ovary releases ovum
  21. Follicles:
    • located inside ovary
    • primary source of estrogen
    • contains the oocyte
  22. types of cells found in follicles:
    • granulosa: inhibit premature maturation of ova; synthesize estrogen precursor
    • theca: convert precursor to estrogen
  23. Corpus Luteum:
    • aka yellow bodies
    • source of progesterone
    • comprised of differentiated thecal and granulosal cells
  24. How long does it take a Corpus Luteum to fully develop?
    • 6 days
    • after 6-7 days, prostaglandin can regrees the CL
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