Stallion BSE's Part II

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  1. anti-sperm antibodies:
    • results from testicular trauma (kick from mare)
    • stud produces antibodies that affects sperm negatively
    • antibodies can travel to other testicle and cause serious problems
  2. edema:
    fluid build up
  3. What is daily sperm output?
    • when all cells a stallion ejaculates equal the amount of cells he's producing every day
    • not using sperm cells that are stored
  4. What is the purpose of an in-line filter during collection?
    removes gel fraction and accessory gland fluid out of collection
  5. What is the purpose of longevity testing?
    see how long semen sample will last
  6. progessively motile:
    • sperm moves in a straight line forward
    • large forward-moving circles are acceptable
  7. When testing motility:
    • raw and extended samples
    • sample filtered only
    • extended 1:1 and 1:4
  8. a second collection should be taken...
    one hour after the first collection, once you've reached DSO
  9. the second collection should have:
    • same volume
    • 60% as many cells
    • same motility
    • a pH that rises slightly
  10. What do you do if the pH of a sample rises too much?
    • buffer with an extender
    • sperm do better at a normal pH
  11. When checking for longevity, what is the goal?
    at least 10% motility at 6 hours for raw; more for cold-shipped
  12. What does a pH higher than 7 indicate?
    • contamination
    • inflammation
    • problems with accessory gland fluid
  13. extender for cool-shipped:
    1:4 and put with cold pack
  14. extender for on-farm:
  15. When collecting samples for inspection:
    • 1) tease
    • 2) clean with water
    • 3) wash w/surgical scrub (three times, top to bottom)
    • 4) presperm (swab & isolate bacteria)
    • 5) collect stallion (swab)
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