Fuel 737

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  1. How many fuel tanks do we have?
    How much fuel in the main tanks? Center tank?
    Total  ?
    • -2 main tanks and 1 center tank.
    • - 10,043 lbs.
    • - 15,497 lbs.
    • - 35,583 lbs.
  2. The Main Tanks must be ? if center tank has more than?
    • Full
    • 1000 Lbs.
  3. How many AC fuel pumps in each tank?
    What pumps fuel if no AC pumps?
    • 2
    • -Main tanks AFT and FWD
    • - Center tank L or R
    • -Bypass valve allows suction from the tank. 1 in each Main tank.
  4. What controls the Fuel Shut OFF Valve?
    Fire handle.
  5. ? or ? should be used for fueling?
    Which Tank is used first?
    • -APU Power or External Power. 
    • -Center
  6. What transfers fuel from Center Tank to Main Tank?
    Scavenge Pumps.
  7. What tank normally supplies APU with fuel?
    Can it get fuel from another source?
    • Tank 1, AFT pump.
    • Can use Tank 2 through crossfeed.
  8. What is the max fuel imbalance for takeoff and landing and  taxi?
    What is considered MIN Fuel?
    • 1000 lbs.
    • Less than 1000 lbs in main tanks.
  9. Explain how to crossfeeel from one tank to another?
    Open Cross feed valve, turn off the fuel pumps from the low tank.
  10. Blue FUEL VALVE CLOSED light indicates?
    if Dim, Bright, Out?
    • Dim- SOV closed
    • Bright- SOV in transit, or valve position disagree.
    • Out- SOV Open
  11. Blue Valve OPEN
    • OFF - crossfeed valve closed.
    • Bright- crossfeed in transit or valve position and crossfeed disagree.
    • DIM- crossfeed valve is open.
  12. Center Fuel Pumps:
    Illuminated Amber fuel pump LOW PRESSURE indicates?
    • fuel pump pressure is low and FUEL Pump is ON.
    • fuel pressure is normal or fuel pump switch is OFF
  13. Main Tank Fuel Pump Low Pressure light?
    • fuel pump output pressure is low or Fuel Pump switch is OFF.
    • Pressure is normal.
  14. Amber FILTER BYPASS?
    Illuminate to an impending fuel bypass due to contaminated filter.
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