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  1. What was the reform bill of 1832?
    It have voting rights to more men
  2. What was the percentage of the british population could vote before and after the bill was passed?
    5% then 7%
  3. Peoples charter of 1838?
    Gave suffrage to all men, annual elections, and a secret ballot.
  4. Queen Victoria?
    1837-1901. Influenced the victorian ideals.
  5. Emmeline Pankhurst?
    Formed the womens social and political union.
  6. WSPU?
    fights for womens rights, often violent.
  7. What form of government did France adopt in 1875?
  8. First country to give voting rights to women in 1893?
    New Zealand
  9. Who was Alfred Dreyfus?
    A high ranking army officer accused of spying for germany.
  10. Anti-semitism?
    Anti jew.
  11. Zionists
    People devoted to help rebuild a jewish state in the ancient homeland.
  12. Manifest Destiny
    America was destined to expand sea to sea
  13. How was most of the territory west of Texas obtained by the U.S?
    The mexican-american war.
  14. Seneca Falls convention?
    1st womens rights convention.
  15. Indian National Congress?
    a nationalist group in India pushing for self-rule.
  16. Imperialism?
    The domination by one country of the political, economic, or cultural life of another country or region.
  17. Social Darwinism?
    Only the fittest will survive.
  18. Berlin conference?
    1884-85. 14 european nations coming together about the splitting of Africa.
  19. Sepoys?
    Indian soldiers in it's service.
  20. Shaka?
    Leader of Africa between 1818-1828.
  21. obstacles that kept Europe out of Africa?
    disease, resistance by africans, and the geography.
  22. Changes that allowed europe to conquor Africa?
    steam engines, medical advances, and machine guns.
  23. Opium war?
    From INdia to China for Tea. China is opened up to trade. China vs. Britain.
  24. Taiping Rebellion?
    Peasant rebellion that almost brought down the dynasty.
  25. open door policy?
    free trade in China.
  26. Boxer Uprising?
    Rebellion of boxers attacking foreigner. When the dynasty was almost gone
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