World Prehistory CH12

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  1. Neolithic
    Period characterized by development of farming, sedentism, and new stone tool technologies
  2. Chalcolithic
    Period characterized by stone and copper-working technology for implements, tools and ornaments
  3. Halaf
    Early Chalcolithic culture related to expanding farming and population, characterized by circular buildings, painted pottery, and female figurines
  4. Ubaid
    Widespread Chalcolithic culture in Mesopotamia, characterized by irrigation agriculture and the beginnings of ranked society
  5. Uruk
    Late Chalcolithic culture characterized by urban communities, specialized production and administration, literacy and politics
  6. Bronze Age
    Period characterized by the presence of copper-tin alloy (bronze) meltalworking for tools and weapons
  7. Looting
    Illicit removal of antiquities from archaeological sites or museums for sale on the black market
  8. Uluburun shipwreck
    Bronze Age ship that sank off the coast of Turkey, illuminates the intensity and richness of regional trade in Late Bronze Age
  9. Semitic
    Afro-Asiatic family of languages spoken across Southwest Asia and northeast Africa
  10. Akkadian
    Semitic language from Mesopotamia, spoken mostly by Assyrians and Babylonians
  11. Elamite
    Language of Elamite state that reached height in late bronze age used for inscriptions
  12. Sumerian
    • Language from lower Mesopotamia in 4th and 2nd millennia
    • Unrelated to any known language
  13. Hurrian
    Language spoken by Hurrians, orginatedin Caucasus region
  14. Hittite
    One of the earliest Indo-European languages
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