Mineral Habit ID

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  1. silver
    Arborescnt-tree like
  2. aragonite
    Acicular-needle like
  3. geothite
    Banded-show different bands or layers of color/texture
  4. kyanite
    Bladed-long thin and flat crystals, like a blade.
  5. smithsonite
    Botryoidal / globular- ball like clusters, like grapes on a vine
  6. Qurartz
    Columnar- stout parallel clusters that look like columns.
  7. Agate
    concentric- rounded masses showing layers around center.
  8. copper
    dendritic- slender divergent branch, like a fern.
  9. Quartz
    Drusy-crystals clustered together on surface pointing outward.
  10. Diamond
    Equant / blocky- block like
  11. Chrysotile asbestos
    Fiborous-aggregates of parallel or radiating slender fibers.
  12. natrolite
    Filiform or capillary- hair like
  13. molybdemit
    Lamellar- flat platy, like overlaying leaves.
  14. Talc from vermont
    Foliated-overlapping flakes and easily separable into single flakes, usually a wavy appearance.
  15. chalcedony
    Mamillary-large rounded masses, like human breasts.
  16. Forsterite
    massive-no crystal structure visible, though mineral may be crystalline. tend to be granular.
  17. Muscovite, beryl
    Micaceous-overlapping flakes, obvious leaves.
  18. tourmaline
    Prismatic-elongated parallel faces
  19. hematite
    reniform-radiating clusters of rounded crystals, looks like a kidney.
  20. cerussite
    Reticulated-interconnected like a lattice work.
  21. cavansite
    stellate-long thin crystals radiating outward in all directions, like a star bursting.
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