Muscle Function, insertion and origin

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  1. Tibialis Anterior O & I
    Dorsiflexion of the foot.  Inversion of the foot. O: Below lateral condyle of tibia.  I: metatarsal I and medial cuneiform
  2. Tibialis Posterior O & I
    Plantar Flexion, Inversion.  O: superior tibial and fibular shafts and interosseus membrane.  I: navicular, cuboid, lateral cuneiform and metatarsals II-IV.
  3. Flexor Digitorum Longus O & I
    Flexion of toes. O: medial tibial shaft.  I: base of distal phalanges II-V.
  4. Flexor Hallicis Longus  O & I
    Flexion of Hallux.  O: lower fibula.  I: Base of distal phalanx I.
  5. Fibularis Brevis O & I
    Eversion and plantar flexion.  O: inferior fibular shaft.  I: base of metatarsal V.
  6. Fibularis Longus  O & I
    Eversion and plantar flexion.  O: head and upper shaft of fibula.  I:  medial cuneiform and metatarsal I.
  7. Gastrocnemius O & I
    Inversion (medial), eversion (lateral), plantar flexion, flexion of the knee.  O: femoral condyles.  I: calcaneal tendon.
  8. Soleus O & I
    Plantar flexion of the foot.  O:  Posterior fibula and tibia.  I: Calcaneal tendon.
  9. Extensor Digitorum Longus O & I
    Extension of toes.  O: Lateral condyle of tibia, fibula and inerosseous membrane.  I: distal phalanges II-V.
  10. Flexor Digitorum Brevis O:
    Flexes toes.  O: lower calcaneous
  11. Extensor Digitorum Brevis O:
    Extends toes.  O: Upper calcaneous.
  12. Abductor Digiti Minimi O:
    Abducts little toe.  O: lower calcaneous.
  13. Biceps Brachii O & I
    Flexion of arm @ the elbow, supination.  O: supraglenoid tubercle (long head) Coracoid process (short head). I: Radial tuberosity
  14. Brachioradialis O & I
    Flexion of arm @ the elbow, supination and pronation.  O: lateral epidcondyle.  I: Styloid process of the radius.
  15. Brachialis O & I
    Flexion of the arm @ the elbow.  O: Mid Diaphysis of Humerus.  I: ulnar tuberosity
  16. Triceps Brachii O & I
    Extension of the arm @ the elbow.  O: (long head) Infraglenoid Tubercle I: Olecranon Process
  17. Anconeus O & I
    Extension of the arm @ the elbow, pronation (minor role).  O: Pos. posterior, distal lateral humerus.  I: Olecranon Process.
  18. Flexor Carpi Ulnaris O:
    Adduction of wrist, flexion of wrist (both), abduction of wrist. O: medial epicondyles.
  19. Flexor Carpi Radialis O:
    Adduction of wrist, Flexion of wrist (both), abduction of wrist.  O: medial epicondyles
  20. Flexor Digitorum Superficialis O
    Flexion of fingers.  O: Medial epicondyles
  21. Flexor Digitorum Profundus.  O & I
    Flexion of fingers.  O: Coronoid process of ulna & interosseus membrane.  I: distal phalanges
  22. Flexor Pollicis Longus O:
    Flexion of the thumb.  O: Radius & interosseus membrane.
  23. Flexor Pollicis Brevis O:
    Flexion of the thumb.  O: Flexor retinaculum
  24. Flexor Digiti Minimi O:
    Flexion of the little finger.  O: flexor retinaculum
  25. Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus
    Abduction and extension of the wrist.
  26. Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis
    Abduction and extension of the wrist.
  27. Extensor Pollicis Longus
    Extension of the thumb.
  28. Extensor Pollicis Brevis
    Extension of the thumb.
  29. Extensor Digitorum
    Extension of the fingers.
  30. Extensor Digiti Minimi
    Extension of the fingers and little finger.
  31. Extensor Carpi Ulnaris
    Adduction and extension of wrist.
  32. Supinator
  33. Palmaris Longus
    Flexion of wrist.
  34. Dorsal Interossei
    Abduction of the fingers
  35. Palmar interossei
    Adduction of fingers
  36. Opponens Pollicis
  37. Opponens Digiti Minimi
  38. Pronator Teres
  39. Pronator Quadratus
  40. Adductor Pollicis
    Adduction of the thumb
  41. Abductor Pollicis Longus
    Abduction of thumb
  42. Abductor Policis Brevis
    Abduction of thumb
  43. Abductor Digiti Minimi
    Abduction of the little finger
  44. Lumbricales
    Extension of the fingers.
  45. Trapezius O & I
    Elevation (upper), depression (lower), adduction, upward rotation.  O: base of skull, C7 - T12.  I: spine of scapula, acromion, processes and clavicle
  46. Rhomboids O & I
    Elevation, Adduction, downward rotation.  O: C6-T4. I:Vertebral border of scapula
  47. Levator Scapulae I:
    Elevation and Downward rotation. I: superior angle of scapula
  48. Serratus Anterior O & I
    Abduction, upward rotation, depression.  O: upper 8 ribs.  I: anterior vertebral border of scapula
  49. Teres Major O & I
    Medial rotation, adduction, extension. O: inferior angle of scapula.  I: intertubercular groove
  50. Latissimus Dorsi I:
    Medial rotation, adduction and extension.  I: intertubercular groove
  51. Pectoralis Major O & I
    Medial rotation and adduction.  O: Clavicle, sternum.  I: Intertubercular groove, greater tubercle of humberus
  52. Subscapularis O & I
    Medial rotation.  O: subscapular fossa.  I: Lesser tubercle of humerus.
  53. Infraspinatus O & I
    Lateral rotation.  O: infraspinous fossa.  I: greater tubercle of humerus.
  54. Supraspinatus O & I
    Abduction.  O: supraspinous fossa.  I: greater tubercle of humerus
  55. Deltoid O & I
    Medial rotation ( anterior), flexion (anterior), lateral rotation (posterior), abduction.  O: acromion process, scapular spine and clavicle.  I: deltoid tuberosity
  56. Teres Minor I:
    Lateral rotation.  I: greater tubercle
  57. Coracobrachialis O & I
    Flexion and adduction.  O: coracoid process.  I: Diaphysis of humerus
  58. Clavicular pectoralis major O & I
    Adduction, medial rotation, flexion.  O: clavicle I: intertubercular groove
  59. Sternal pectoralis major O & I
    Adduction, medial rotation, extension.  O: sternum I: intertuberular groove
  60. Piriformis O & I
    Lateral rotator, retroversion, abduction.  O: anterior sacrum. I: greater trochanter
  61. Quadratus Femoris O & I
    Lateral Rotator, retroversio.  O: Ischial tuberosity. I: intertrochanteric crest
  62. Obturator Internus O & I
    Lateral rotator, retroversion.  O: internal obturator foramen.  I: greater trochanter
  63. Obturator Externus O & I
    Lateral rotator O: external obturator foramen.  I:greater trochanter
  64. Obturators
  65. Superior Gemellus I:
    Lateral Rotator, retroversion.  I: greater trochanter
  66. Inferior Gemellus O & I
    Lateral rotator, retroversio.  O: ischial tuberosity.  I: greater trochanter
  67. Gemilli I:
    Abduction.  I: greater trochanter
  68. Gluteus Maximus O & I
    Lateral Rotator, extension O: posterior gluteal line, sacrum.  I: gluteal tuberosity
  69. Gluteus Medius O & I
    Medial Rotator, abduction (hip) O: ilium below crest of ilium near anterior gluteal line.  I: greater trochanter
  70. Gluteus minimus O & I
    medial rotator, abduction (hip) O: iliac inferior gluteal line of ileum I: greater trochanter
  71. Tensor Fascia Latae O & I
    Medial rotator of hip abduction, flexion of hip, extension of the knee, lateral rotation of knee.  O: Iliac crest (ASIS) I: iliotibial tract
  72. Biceps Femoris O & I
    Extension of thigh, flexion of knee and lateral rotation of knee.  O: ischial tuberosity, linea aspera.  I: head of fibula
  73. Semitendinosus O & I
    Extension of thigh, flexion of the knee, medial rotation of the knee.  O: ischial tuberosity I: medial proximal tibia
  74. Semimembranosus O & I
    Extension of hip, flexion of the knee, medial rotation of the knee.  O: ischial tuberosity. I: medial proximal tibia
  75. Psoas Major I:
    Flexion of the thigh, adduction.  I: lesser trochanter
  76. Psoas minor I:
    flexion of the thigh.  I: lesser trochanter
  77. Iliacus O & I
    Flexion of thigh, anterversion, adduction O: iliac fossa I: lesser trochanter
  78. Quadratus Lumborum O & I
    Flexion of the abdomen O: illiac crest I: rib 12, lumbar vertebrae
  79. Sartorius O & I
    Flexion, lateral rotation of the knee.  O: ASIS (Anterior superior iliac spine) I: medial proximal tibia
  80. Pectineus O & I
    Flexion and adduction. O: Iliopectinate line.  I: Pectinate line
  81. Gracilis I:
    Medial rotation of the knee, adduction I: medial proximal tibia
  82. Popliteus O & I
    Flexion of the knee.  O: lateral condyle of femur I: medial proximal tibia
  83. Adductor Magnus O & I
    Adduction O: ischial tuberosity I: linea aspera
  84. Adductor Longus O & I
    Adduction.  O: inferior pubis ramus I:linea aspera
  85. Vastus Lateralis O & I
    Extension of the leg @ knee.  O: linea aspera  I: tibial tuberosity
  86. Vastus Medialis O & I
    Extension of the leg @ knee O: linea aspera I: tibial tuberosity
  87. Vastus intermedius O & I
    Extension of the lef @ knee.  O: linea aspera I: tibial tuberosity
  88. Rectus Femoris O & I
    Extension of the leg @ knee O: AIIS (Anterior inferior iliac spine) I: tibial tuberosity
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