737 Hydraulics

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  1. What different hydraulic systems do we have?
    System A, B, and standby system.
  2. Are system A and B independant?
    How is standby system activated?
    • Yes.
    • Manually or Automatically.
  3. How many pumps are in system A
    and B? 
    To what pressure?
    Standby Pump?
    • three.
    • electric #2 and #1 Engine Driven Pump.
    • Electric #1 and #2 EDP.
    • 3000 PSI.
    • Electric Driven.
  4. What is PTU installed for?
    • backup for system B 
    • used for leading edge devices only.
  5. What is the purpose of standpipes?
    What pumps protected by the standpipes?
    • Prevents complete loss of fluid in case of leak.
    • both engine driven pumps and System B electric.
  6. What controls the Hydraulic shutoff valve?
    The engine fire switch.
  7. What is each engine driven pump powered by?
    Opposite engine generator.
  8. What does Amber Overheat Light indicate?
    monitors temperature of AC motor and fluid in case drain line.
  9. When does AUTO Standby system operate?
    • Flaps not Up
    • Loss of HYD A or B
    • Wheelspeed more than 60 kts or in air.
  10. when does the PTU operate?
    • AC inflight
    •  pressure Loss of eng 2 hyd pump
    • trailing edge flaps extended less than 15*.
  11. WHere does PTU get its power and fluid?
    SYstem B fluid and system A pump.
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