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  1. A user has submitted a trouble ticket complaining that the email server VM has become very sluggish. After looking at the logs, the vSphere administrator suspects the iSCSl network is experiencing congestion. What esxtop statistic should the administrator examine in order to validate that the guest OS is experiencing performance degradation?
  2. GAVG/wr
  3. A system administrator needs to control the allocation of memory and CPU resources to an organization's Finance team. The vSphere environment is built on a single cluster of ESXi hosts. Which feature can be used to accomplish this task?
  4.  Resource pool Reservations
  5. During the installation of ESXi. a vmkernel interface can be configured with what capabilities?
  6. Management traffc
  7. Which condition would prevent an administrator from unmounting a VMFS datastore?
    The datastore is being managed by Storage DRS.
  8. Which statement is true regarding the licensing of Center Server?
    Virtual machines can still be powered on if the Center Sewer license expires.
  9. A server administrator reports that a virtual machine has displayed the following message twice in the past 12 months: No boot device found Which virtual machine boot option should the administrator configure to resolve this issue?
    Failed Boot Recovery
  10. A vSphere administrator notices that hosts are not powering off when the total cluster load is low on a cluster configured with Dynamic Power Management What condition could cause this behavior?
    A The DRS migration threshold is set to the most conservative setting.
  11. administrator is planning a new vsphere deployment using shared atorage. The solution must support vmotion,• Storage vMotion ,Fault Tolerant virtual machines , VAAI primitives ,rdm disks Which storage type will meet these requirements?
  12. CIFS
  13. An administrator is using vSphere Replication to re*cate a number of virtual machines to a recovery site The administrator plans on enabling Storage DRS on the goduction site, which is running vSphere 5.5. What changes must be made in order to this configuration?
  14. C) A Storage DRS can be added to the existing configuration without any configuration changes
  15. A network auditing team has observed activity from a virtual machine that may be an organization policy security breach _ The vSphere administrator needs to stop network traffic from the virtual machine. Which step should the adrninistrator take?
  16. Enable Port Blocking on each vSphere Distributed Switch port group in the organization, then
    block the port on which the virtual machine is connected.
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