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  1. What information can the administrator use to identify iSCSI nodes?
  2. While troubleshooting a crash event on an ESXi host, an administrator determines the log files related to the event are NOT present. Which action should the administrator take to resolve the logging issue?
  3. Create a persistent scratch location,
  4. An administrator is planning a vSphere Fault Tolerance implementation for 6 virtual machines. Which two virtual disk types are supported with FT? (Choose two.)
  5. Raw Device Mapped LUN configured for Virtual compatibility Mode
    Virtual disk thick provisioned, eager zeroed
  6. An administrator needs to know the estimated time remaining on a vinual machine that is hosting a critical accounting application given current assigned resources such as memory, CPU, and disk. When an administrator selects the virtual machine in the *Center Operations Manager console, which major badge should the administrator investigate to determine this information?
  7. Risk
  8. An administrator needs to configure vFlash Read Cache to improve performance.What would benefit the most from enabling vFlash Read Cache?
    Web Server virtual machines
  9. An organization has a HA/DRS cluster containing a mixture of ESXi 4.1 and 5.5 hosts in the cluster. An ESXi 5.5 host has failed and HA attempted but failed to restart the virtual machines on another host. HA admission control is disabled. What condition could result in this behavior?
  10. A virtual machine has an incompatible hardware version
  11. Why would a vSphere administrator configure resource shares for a virtual machine?
    C) A To prioritize access to a resource during contention
  12. An administrator needs to use performance information from Windows virtual machines to better understand their effect on the vSghere 5x hosts on which they run. What must the administrator do to collect this information?
  13. Install VMware Tools. Add counters in the PERFMON utility
  14. An administrator using vCenter Operations Manager notices an increase in resource consumed by virtual machines over a period of time The administrator needs to understand how adding more hosts or increasing resources in existing hosts will address the growing resource requirements of the virtual machines. Which Center Operations Manager feature can provide this information?
  15. O B. What-if Scenarios
  16. Which condition will cause a HA,'DRS cluster to display a yellow health indicator?
    There are insufficient resources to satisfy the clusters requirements,
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