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  1. A new LUN has been created on an iSCSI array and assigned to an ESXi 5.x server _ However when the administrator logs in to the vSphere Web Client the LUN is not visible. Other LUNS on the iSCSI array are visible. What should the administrator do to resolve this issue?
    • Rescan for the new storage device
  2. An administrator decreases the CPU share value for two virtual machines in a DRS cluster from 1000 to 100 shares. The DRS cluster contains more resources than both virtual machines can consume. The characteristics of the virtual machines are listed below: • The second virtual machine is a clone of the first virtual machine. • Both virtual machines are identical in every way. • Both virtual machines are not attached to the IP network. • Both virtual machines are powered on. What impact on the virtual machines' performance will be observed? 
    • The virtual machines will have equal performance under all conditions.
  3. Which Web service is installed during the Center Server installation? 
  4. Tomcat Web server
  5. A new LUN from an existing storage array is presented to a vSphere cluster. A vSphere administrator determines that the LUN is visible on all but one ESXi host in the cluster. The affected host is able to see existing LUNS presented from the same storage array. What is the most likely cause? 
  6. LUN Masking is improperly configured on the storage array.
  7. Which information does the CPU Ready counter provide to a vSphere administrator?
  8. The virtual machine has requested CPU time, but the VMkernel cannot schedule the virtual
    CPU on a physical CPU
  9. An administrator is setting up a new vSphere environment for application development with health monitoring and capacity management. The administrator has purchased three servers for the initial install. The administrator is NOT planning to grow the environment and needs to keep costs as low as possible. Which vSphere kit should the administrator use to meet these requirements? 
    • vSphere with Operations Management Standard Acceleration Kit
  10. A large aerospace company utilizes a mission critical application requiring a large database server with 16 CPUs and 500GB of RAM. Because of the critical nature of the application, the company also wants to leverage Reliable Memory Technology What is the minimum edition of vSphere that will support this scenario?
    • vSphere Enterprise Edition
  11. A vSphere administrator needs to add more space to an existing 3-node Virtual SAN cluster. The attempts to add the new host to the cluster as a contributing member have failed. However, it can be added as a non-contributing member. The host was previously used in a single host configuration. The administrator recently upgraded the host from ESXi 5.1 to 5.5 prior to adding it to the cluster. What is the reason for this failure
    The only SSD disk in the new host was formatted with a VMFS datastore-
  12. AAn administrator is preparing to install an additional Single Sign-On node on a stand-alone server. What information is required during the installation routine? 
    • Partner Host Name
  13. A vApp is performing poorly and an administrator determines that the memory resources are low. How should the administrator resolve this issue?
  14. Configure a memory reservation for the vApp-
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