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  1. A VMware administrator needs to export a vApp and create a self-contained package that has a single file Which format should the adrninistrator use?
    Export as OVA
  2. An administrator is deploying a virtual machine Assuming all of the inventory objects below exist in the implementation, what is the highest level in the Center Server hierarchy to which a virtual machine can deployed?
  3. A vSphere administrator needs to enable Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS) in an existing vSphere environment. • The environment contains a High Availability (HA) cluster with eight ESXi hosts. Six ESXi hosts are not in a cluster. • DRS should be used on as many hosts as possible. • Initial placement of virtual machines should be automatically performed Migration recommendations should be provided, but not performed without approval Which procedure should the administrator perform to accomplish this task?
    Select the existing HA cluster Add the six remaining hosts to the cluster. Enable DRS, then edit the settings and change the automation level to Partlal
  4. An administrator needs to prevent two virtual machines from running on the same host at any time. Which DRS rule should the administrator apply?
    vm-to-vm anti-affnity
  5. A vSphere administrator needs to reconfigure the Distributed Power Management (DPM) . threshold to be more aggressive. Where should the administrator edit the settings of DPM in the vSphere Web Client?
    Cluster settings
  6. A VMware administrator needs to simplify the placement of virtual machines. The administrator also needs to balance VO load and space utilization automatically. Which combination of features should the administrator use to achieve this?
    Create a Data store Cluster and enable Storage DRS on the cluster
  7. Which statement is accurate when choosing the storage controller for a virtual machine using the Create New Virtual Machine wizard in custom mode? A controller is recommended based on the guest OS type, The administrator can choose this
    controller or select any other.
  8. An organization's wants to ensure that if a host in a High Availability (HA) cluster fails, critical virtual machines resume operation even if there are insufficient resources to continue to run all virtual machines in the cluster, Which HA setting should be configured to ensure the cluster operates as expected?
    VM restart priority
  9. An administrator is creating a vApp for a multi-tiered application and needs to configure custom startup actions for each virtual machine, What should the administrator do to enabe this functionality?
    Verify that VMware Tools is installed on each virtual machine in the vApp.
  10. administrator has created a Virtual flash read casche and needs to add a total 2TB of capacity to the cache. The administrator has a total of six SSD disks to add, but is unable to add one of the disks.What is a likely cause of the problem
    The SSD device size is greater than 4TB_
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