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  1. Which is the simplest baseline group combination an administrator could create to upgrade hosts, VMware tools. and virtual machine hardware to the latest versions using Update Manager?
    One baseline group that contains the host upgrade baselines and one baseline group that contains the VM Hardware and VMware Tools upgrade baselines
  2. An administrator determines that a vSphere Standard Switch is dropping all inbound frames to a specific vinual machine. The behavior appeared the two days, Which configuration setting, if changed during this timeframe. would result in this behavior?
    MAC address changes
  3. A security team is validating policy settings in a vSphere environment. By default, which security is set to reject on a vSphere Standard Switch?
    Promiscuous mode
  4. Immediately after installing ESXi. an administrator observes that the Configure Lockdown Mode o*on is grayed out in the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI). What is the most likely explanation?
    The host has not yet been added to a Center Server.
  5. An administrator of a secure environment needs to add an iSCSl target to a new ESXi host using the vSphere client. The administrator has configured discovery and performed a rescan operation, but the iSCSl target does NOT appear. Which action should the administrator take for the target to appear in the vSphere client?
    Configure appropriate CHAP authentication settings
  6. An administrator needs to migrate a company's physical servers to virtual servers and deploy into the ESXi cluster_ During the process of converting to a virtual machine, the administrator needs to reduce the size of the disks. Which method should the administrator use to meet this requirement?
    Use VMware Converter hot cloning with volume-based cloning at the file level
  7. What is a characteristic of Virtual SAN?
    It supports Virtual Machine Storage Policies
  8. An administrator has created a Virtual SAN Cluster using Automatic Mode Disk Groups. There is very little storage space left in the cluster. The administrator has access to an iSCSl storage array. Which approach should the administrator take to expand the Virtual SAN Cluster?
    Add new hosts to the cluster with available local disk. No further action is required to claim the added storage.
  9. An administrator is considering using NPIV (N-port ID virtualization) to assign WWNs to virtual machines. Virtual machine portability is a major concern Why would NPIV be inadequate for this deployment? (N_Port ID Virtualization is a Fibre Channel feature whereby multiple Fibre Channel node port (N_Port) IDs can share a single physical N_Port)
    Storage vMotion is not supported using NPIV.
  10. A customer needs to select an apvoMiate Path Selection Policy (PSP) for their storage array. There is no requirement for a preferred path. The policy should not select a new path unless the current one fails. Which PSP meets the requirement?
    Most Recently Used
  11. Which two steps can an administrator take to upgrade an existing VMFS2 datastore to VMFS5? (Choose two.)
    1. Attach the VMFS2 datastore to an ESX 3_x host and upgrade it to VMFS3 2.Upgrade the datastore from VMFS3 to VMFS5 on a vSphere 5 host
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