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  1. Why does Vmware tools check for updates on reboot-
    eliminate downtime
  2. What is Lock down mode-
    you have to Login to DCUI to restart management network
  3. What does DCUI stand for
    Direct console user interface for ESX machine
  4. name a Vcenter component that needs an ssl certificate
    update manager
  5. how do you Ensure that administrative actions occur only on vcenter and not on host
    use vsphere client and set security profile of each host to lockdown mode
  6. This is not a way to increase availability of a vcenter server,
    fault tollerance
  7. How should a vsphere administrator disable memory
    Edit memzipenable
  8. Company has problems with ether channel deployment. name Three things that may eliminate the problems,
    LACP in dynamic mode, port mirroring, network vmotion

    • Situation is a fiber channel array with fixed path selection policy - what happens when a prefered path becomes available?
    • It automatically reverts to the prefered path
  9. To deploy vswitch distributed switch, deploy what, add what to the switch
    create the distributed switch, deploy esxi hosts, add each host to the switch. -This is also good ->distributed switch was created with a single, default port group.
  10. An administrator is deploying vSphere using a NAS device as the shared storage system. The administrator has already created a VMkernel port, enabled the NFS client, and configured a mount point accessible to the hosts. Which additional configuration is required before the datastore can be used to create virtual machines?
    The esxi host must have root access to the data store-
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