GGR Week 1

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  1. What are some theories to why camels are not in Canada?
    • Climate
    • Outcompeted
    • Extinction
    • Lack of food sources
    • Split when Pangaea split
  2. What relatives of the camel are found elsewhere in the world?
    Llamas, Vicuna, Alpaca
  3. What is a disjunct distribution?
    When species of the same family are found on completely different parts of the world.
  4. Could camels have been in North America?
    Yes, it seems like they may have actually migrated from NA southward and northwest, landing in South America and Asia (when water levels were low enough to allow it).
  5. Which two types of camels are there, and where can each survive?
    • Bactrain - Ranging from very cold to hot.
    • Camelus - Dry spots like middle east.
  6. Describe a Taxonomic (Internal Approach) to studying biogeography.
    Studying how closely one species is related to another.
  7. Describe the Ecological (External Approaches) to studying biogeography.
    Synecological: study of interactions of different species together: competition, predation

    Autecology: study of particular species and how those species are effected by outside factors (other species, physical environment), over time.
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